Showers & Snow & Baths & Fish Fries

Ahhh, what a busy weekend!  And CRAZY weather!  As I sit here typing this on Sunday afternoon, it is 56 degrees out.  However, yesterday morning we had this:

Gosh STL weather is CRAZY. Cause not even 8 hours later, this is what it was then (after a good amount of snow in the morning!):

Isn't that nuts?!?  And, just a few days ago last week (when I did the Disney bound pics) it was in the upper 70s!  Oh, and Annie and I stole away outside last week too when it was warmer for some late afternoon sunny backyard snaps too.

Seriously, this weather is NUTS.  I said it's probably going through flashes one second, freezing the next.

My parents got back from their Florida vacay earlier last week and we hit up MOD -- my mom's favorite jaunt.  My brother Charlie caught Rosie dancin' eating her pizza and it's just the cutest thing EVER.

And, speaking of food, my kids LOVE to eat.  And I obviously love to snap pictures of them eating!  HAHA!

We hit up our first fish fry of the season at my friend Ann's school...and, not only was the fish/shrimp awesome, but we let the kids play in the preschool room for a good hour after dinner and it was just the best time EVER.  Only regret, not bringing adult beverages to enjoy while the kids played!  Next time, next time...

We also hit up the pool late last week and I stupidly left Annie's swim suit on the counter! GAH!  But, cloth diapers to the rescue!  I just popped the insert out of her Applecheeks diaper and BOOM.  Cover = instant swim diaper!  Who needs a swimsuit anyways, right?! RIGHT.

On Saturday the big kids had a date with KiKi to go to the movies and down to the lake while Mike and I (Annie went to grandma's) headed downtown to host our friends Lauren & Bob's baby shower!  Their maternity pics I snapped a few weeks ago are some of my faves EVER and I brought my camera along to snap a few pics at their shower as well!

Ahhhh, what a fun time that was!  I cannot wait for their little lady to arrive (so I can snap snap snap her like CRAZY!!) and dub myself Aunt Alex again :) Lauren is Rosie's godmother, after FAMILY! :)

This little chickaletta is enjoying some one-on-one mama and daddy time this weekend -- and she's not hating it :)  I had a few newborns (including this one) this weekend and am really hoping I get a call from my last February birth mama to come snap pics!

Annie had a special bath time visitor last night with her :) I was DYING over these snaps I got!  I got a few other adorably cute and really good ones too, but, I'm not posting them cause #babybutt and there are pervs out if you're desperate to see them, text me.

This, my friends, is why having kids is awesome:

Limearita retriever!  And teaching him colors too. 

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for this weekend recap!  A few shoots coming up this week, hopefully a birth soon, and then just a little less than 3 weeks till Disney!! I cannot freaking wait.  Anyways, have a wonderful week friends!! Stay dry if you're in STL...looks like it's gonna be a wet one!!

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