Weekend Roundup

Ahhhh, another weekend has come and gone, and I'm here to give you a nice little recap/photo dump.  You are so welcome in advance.

I actually had a busy weekend with snappin' and the big kiddos had a jam-packed weekend with KiKi YET I still managed to snap a ton of pics this weekend of my own kiddos...does that surprise you??! #cantstopwontstop

You know I love me some bath pics...welp on Friday night I decided to snap a few bath pics and it totally shows poor Annie is the forgotten third child...just sitting there looking on at me longing to be in on the action.  HA!  So typical.

Oh you betcha I got some video footage of it too.  HAHA!

Saturday morning I had this adorable little guy's newborn pics and KiKi picked up Patrick and Ro to take them to a movie and a day date while I had my photo shoots.

BUT, not before we had some of our fave donuts Mike brought home from work!  And the donut on the plate pic?!?  My oh-so-talented artsy son Patrick took that (filter and all!) to post on his Instagram account!  Probably one of my favorite snaps he's taken!

Also, our couch is a static magnet and Ro's hair does this every time she sits on it!  Speaking of, I think we're gonna be taking her for a haircut soon...she keeps asking to get it cut as short as Annie.  Haha! Probably not that short but I think it definitely needs a trim.

In between photo shoots and before lunch, Annie and I made a mad dash to Target to grab a few things.  She was more than happy to go along with me to favorite venture :)

While Annie and Mike slept, I went and snapped my bestie boo Lauren and her hubby Bob's maternity pics!!  OH MY GOSH THIS WAS DEFINITELY my fave maternity shoot EVER.  Gosh I LOOOOOVE how these turned out oh-so-much!!! Lauren is gonna be the best mama EVER.  I cannot wait for April and for her little lady to get here! EKKKK!!!

Pretty much Annie's day in 3 pics...bathing, eating, sleeping.  Repeat!

Sunday morning we went over to my mom's to play while Mike slept and Mike snapped these pics of Annie (filter and all!) and they are just so darn cute.  I love that he loves taking pictures and asks for my phone to take some snaps to 'post on his Instagram.' I hope he never stops asking for that!

I brought my big camera to my mom's to take some pics of the kiddos and Annie was such a cooperative little subject!  Look at how big she is standing up on her own!  What a change from just a month ago!  We have her 12 month appointment tomorrow morning...I'm hoping she gets a great report all around from the doc with her milestones...even though she is my small little turtle.

The kids wanted to have a tea party and I thought it'd be so cute to snap some pics of it.  LORDIE.  Photographer's child syndrome is in full-force with ALLLLL of them.  And yes, Annie is in the shopping cart cause 'we ran out of chairs.'  Gosh I love these crazy candid moments, even though they are silly and not looking but dang nabit if it isn't an accurate portrayal of real life, I don't know what is!

I found basically my TV lovin' childhood on a shirt from here and I just HAD to get it for Ro!  I so wish they had it in bigger sizes, but oh well, at least Annie will be able to grow into it!  But it is just so perfect because it's all of the shows I remember watching when I was younger.

After lunch and naps back home, we then wrapped up our weekend with a Super Bowl party at Grandma and Papa's before coming home to watch the halftime show (which the kids elected to watch instead of Mickey! WOOT!) and head to bed.  As much as I want to go to bed like NOW I am going to try and force myself to stay up so I can watch the new This is Us episode that is on after the Super Bowl.  HA!  We will see if I make it to that...otherwise I can watch it on the DVR tomorrow.

Welp friends, that's about as exciting as our weekend here was!  There is snow in the forecast for Tuesday night and I am hoping and praying we get a snow day! GAH that would be awesome!  Anyways, hope you had a great weekend and have a great week ahead!

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