Disney Bound, Take 2

So I posted this yesterday and it was hilarious.  I'm still laughing about it!

I posted it in a FB photog group and it's got over 1.4k likes! WOOT!

But all day I felt major mom guilt: I left Annie out.  I know she's not going, but dang nabit, I felt like she needed to be in the pics.  So, I grabbed the signs from yesterday, whipped Annie up a new one, and hustled the kids off outside for another round of pics.

DYING.  I can't stop laughing.  Annie's face in these are just perfect and I could have asked for better pics!

I feel so much better that Annie was included so, several years from now, she knows that she was left out but not completely left out. HAHA!  Parents of the year, at your service!

We are SO EXCITED to go to Disney in a little over 3 weeks...and I cannot wait to see the kids' reaction to when they find out where we are actually GOING!! EKKKKKK!!!

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