Birthday Shoots, Birthday Buddies, & Birthday Parties, OH MY!

Ahhh, what a fun little weekend we had 'round these parts!  It was a low-key one, only ONE shoot for me (more on that in a bit) and I'm just anticipating my last birth of February to happen literally anytime cause TODAY is her due date!  EEEKKKK!

On Friday night we had a trivia night with some of our friends...and apparently, we are SO OLD cause 10pm hit and we were DONE.  Minus Courtney.  But I think she was too really.  HAHA!  Seriously, we all like to be in bed by then so when trivia went well past 11pm we were feeling it!  But it still was a great (and rare!) night out sans kiddos.  We definitely do not do that a lot so it was a nice treat for us old adults!

So I know I posted these glitter snaps yesterday but dang it I'm resharing again cause this ^^^ pic might be one of my most favorite EVER now.  And truly, that's what it looked like right off of the camera! GAH!

Welp, I just HAD to use Rosie to test out the glitter for Abby's 30th birthday shoot!  You can read and see more snaps from it here, but boy, it was SO MUCH FUN!  Seriously, SO FUN.  These celebration of YOU shoots are my fave!

And there's some behind the scenes snappies for you too.

After Abby's shoot we headed to IMOS to meet a bunch of our friends for dinner and to continue celebrating Abby turning 30!  It was a blast, and Annie had a fun time stealing her birthday buddy (1/31/17 club!) Mikey's book...which he enjoyed stealing it back again too.  Ahhh, 1 year olds!  So fun.  She also liked to eat the table too...teething is tough work guys.

Just stopping by to mention that Patrick got new jammies and he really REALLY likes them.  That is all.

Annie had a lot of eggs leftover from breakfast this morning so, instead of letting them A. go to waste 2. scraping them on the floor, we brought the 'floor' (read: furry Roomba) to them!  He didn't seem to mind at all...and actually was camped in the high chair for a while cause someone (read: me!) forgot he was in there! Oops.

Since Mike worked last night and needed to sleep today, the kiddos and I decided to run some errands (to our fave place, where else?!?) and then hit up the park if they were good at the store.

But before we left we had to sing and send some birthday messages to Aunt Katie and Gramps...however, would you believe this was ONE of the FIVE outtakes we had before they got it right?! HAHA.  Oh, these kids.

They were AWESOME at the store (and we managed to spend under $100, so yay for small victories) so after a quick trip to the bank and drop off groceries at home, we hit up the park...for an hour and a half!!!

First off, talk about HARSH SUN! OY VEY.  It was shutter speed was at like 1/8000 second cause it was SO BRIGHT!  But it kinda worked out cause for some of these snaps it looks like I had my flash on!  HAHA! And some of these snaps are repeats from my bbluv lovin' post...which, if you missed, give it a read cause they have some super duper nifty stuff.

The kids had a BLAST at the park and for a while we had it to ourselves!  Then one of Patrick's old friends showed up so they played for a good long while before it was time to head out.  Patrick actually got picked up by Gramps to go shopping for a new baseball glove (or new to us!) for t-ball coming up and to hang out with them this afternoon while the girls napped.  PERFECT.

After the girls (and Mike!) got up from their siestas, we headed over to my parents house to celebrate my dad's 61st birthday!  Last year we had a big 60th birthday for him at the Pond -- where his brother surprised us all by flying in for it...and Mary came back too from DC, so all 4 of the siblings were together again!  Goose was in HEAVEN with that.  Gah, that pic popped up on my timehop today and I just melted.  I miss her so much!!  I know they do too.

Okay, before I make myself cry, let me get back on track...BIRTHDAY DINNER!  We celebrated Aunt Katie's birthday last weekend (which, side note, how cute is this silhouette of Lizzy I made for her?!?!  I'm going to make one for each of the twins too once they're around 3 to match for wall decor for her.

Anyways, so we headed over to my parents for my dad's birthday dinner and oh what fun it was -- especially for the kiddos!

I mean, anything that involves a 'party' and 'cake' is an amazing thing in their book!  Needless to say they had a lot of fun...especially seeing all of their great aunts and second cousins -- I mean, the adults like seeing the kids more than anything I think!

So it was a wonderful weekend full of lots of things involving birthdays!  I have a full week of school ahead of me and hopefully a birth shoot in there and maybe some other exciting Pics & Paws things too...but I'm being vague on those for a bit cause 'in the works' is all a few things are right letting them grow and fester before saying anything about some new photog ideas (and hopefully things to come!).  Anyways, that's all I've got for you guys tonight!  Have a great week friends!!!

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