Sunday Evening Snaps

Our usual Sunday evening jam is having dinner at the Mooneys house.  Welp, since it was kinda nice out (minus that weird rouge snow on Saturday morning...but then it was back to 60 by the end of the day. So weird.) I offered to take my niece Lily's 3 month pics!  So we did just that.

Golly, isn't she adorable!?!?  Those big brown eyes of her and sweet little cheeks slay me!

Anyways, since I had my camera I decided to take a few snaps of Annie (big kids were livin' it up at the lake one more night!)...

I'm so proud of her for standing up for a few snaps too!  Rosie was like 16 months old before she did that.  Haha! 

I then got a few snaps of Mike and Annie too.

Which then prompted Mike to ask me for my camera and he got a few rare snaps of me NOT behind the camera!  I LOVE WHEN HE DOES THAT.  Mike, if you're reading it, DO THAT MORE.  I'd be okay with my kids remembering what I look like not from selfies :)

Gah.  These make my heart happy!  I mean, I love snapping more than ANYTHING (seriously.  LOVE IT SO MUCH.  I've definitely found my life calling (I mean, besides being a mama) and hope big things are to come with it!) but it is nice to be on the opposite end of the camera every now and again.

Anyways, it's rainy here (and no school! woot!) so we're being lazy vegetables today.  My afternoon photo shoot got rescheduled, so we literally have NOTHING to do!  Which is such a nice feeling.  Gonna whip up some delicious white cheddar grilled cheese for lunch too cause I'm feeling frisky :) Have a great week friends!

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