Frigid Fireworks

For the past several years the city of Kirkwood has been doing winter fireworks at New Years.  Welp, this year it was wayyyyy too cold (like -15 wind chill) so they got postponed until February 10th!

February 10th rolls around and even with the cold weather and a threat of snow. the fireworks were on!  We were going back and forth all day whether we'd go or not, but we decided to bundle up the kids and go, cause who doesn't love fireworks???!!  Our kids love them in the summer so duh, they'd love them in the winter too!

See me in the background ^^^?!  I decided to bring my camera and snap some firework pics and pics of the kiddos enjoying them...and I'm so glad I did!  Despite not being able to feel my fingers and change the settings (haha) quickly, I think we got some good snaps.  The kids really did love the fireworks SO MUCH and it was so great seeing their faces and getting so excited over each and every burst.

Annie looks pretty meh but I promise she enjoyed them!  I think she was just cold...which, side note, Patrick and Rosie both wore that outfit when they were like 6-8 months old...nope! Not Annie! Our little petite bear is sporting it at 12 months! HAHA!

And I'll leave you with this video I took of the fireworks too.  So glad I decided to take my big camera for some video and snaps!  I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and stay warm!

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