Bustin' Out

We decided to bust out of the house this morning...I swear, it feels like we've been cooped up for almost 3 weeks and I think we all were going stir crazy.

Patrick actually seems (FINGERS CROSSED!) to be feeling better--he's asking for food and had been up and active all morning long, playing with his trains and toys.  Yes, a GREAT sign...but I'm cautiously optimistic...he hasn't barfed since Thursday night or had diarrhea (or heck, any poop for that matter.  TMI.  Sorry.) since Friday morning, so we are really REALLY hoping he's on the upswing.  BUT!  We also don't want to overdo it and push him and end up relapsing...so a bland diet remains and pushing liquids...and some fresh air.

Since yesterday was the 14th anniversary of 9/11, the park by us had a really amazing flag tribute set up around the lake for all of the first responders killed on September 11th.  It was going to be up all weekend, so when we all got up at 9am (!!!--OMG.  best night of sleep WE ALL HAVE GOTTEN in 3 weeks!) and saw Patrick seemed to be feeling better, we saddled up to go check out the memorial and give the little man some much needed fresh air.

It was absolutely gorgeous out--about 65 degrees, no humidity, and a slight breeze.  Just perfect.  I brought my big camera and wanted to snap some pics...we all wore our police gear because we thought that would be a fitting tribute to the flag memorial.

Patrick really wasn't feeling the pictures (shocker)--he is by no means 100%, but I think enjoyed getting out in the stroller and seeing the ducks on the pond.

Our All-American pup Scoots took some lovely shots for me as well...he's just the best dog EVER.  I need to make one of these his new profile pic on Facebook...

We tried to get a few family pics, but Patrick was being difficult (I don't blame him.  There were oodles of ducks to look at!) and Rosie had her RB face on full blast today soooooo, yeah, not many good pics we got.  Oh well.

These two are probably my favorite pics from today.  I just love how Mike's showing Patrick the flag and Patrick checking out the flags around the lake and the ducks.  Makes my heart just melt.

Each of the flags had a little sticker on it with the name of the fallen first responder, their hometown, and picture on it.  It brought back flooding memories where I was 14 years ago (junior in high school) and all of the events that took place that day.  I think Mike and I would have liked to look at the flags more and spend a little more time reading each of them, but, #lifewithkids didn't allow that.

Anyways, it was a great morning and I *think* Patrick felt pretty good--he did run around for a few minutes on the playground too--and came home and ate a great big bland lunch before passing out for his nap.  I hope and pray that he is truly on the mend and the probiotics and Pepcid are working their tummy-healing magic.  Stay tuned, you'll be the first to know.

And if you can, try and get out to Kirkwood Park (if you're local!) before 2pm tomorrow and go see this amazing flag tribute to 9/11.  Definitely worth a visit.

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