Rosie at 5 Months

Ahhhh, our sweet little bean burrito is 5 whole months old today!  Where or where is this time flying away to?!  Seriously.  Every single month seems to be going faster than the last...and I'm not a fan of that. at. all.  Next month she'll be halfway to her 1st birthday and that is not okay with me because I swear I just hatched her yesterday.

Anyways, what has this gal been up to since month 4?!  Well, a lot and not a lot!  Ha!  Still no food yet (even though our doc did give us the green light for solids at Ro Ro's 4 month check-up) because honestly she's still sleeping great and doesn't seem too interested in, the diaper laundry I'm not ready to tackle justttt yet with another kid on solids.

A few weeks ago I posted a little post about the above pic and it being the best #tbt EVER, cause, seriously, how cute is my 19 week old nugget wearing her 19 week ultrasound pic?!  I mean, it's pretty freaking amazing if you ask me.

Here's a fun little collage of weeks 1 - 21 for your viewing pleasure...again, 21 is up top and weeks 1 - 20 are below because, lemme say it again, math = hard, and I couldn't figure out how to get 21 pics evenly into a square, there ya go.  Rosie will actually be 22 weeks old manaña, so just narrowly missing including that pic in this month's collage update which would have meant even numbers and an easier collage pic, but hey, can't win them all.

A lot has remained the same from last month, but other things have changed as well!  Here's all those fun mom stats and details I know you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for each month.

  • Rosie weighs in at 19 lbs and 2 ounces.  CHUNK.  Patrick weighed exactly 19 pounds at 5 months--so they're back to being similarly the same weight for their age!  She's gained 1.2 pounds since month 4, and even though she's gained weight, she's not gaining it as rapidly as she was so maybe??? she's plateauing out or slowing down?  We will see.  Not sure how long she is, but I'm guessing maybe 27 inches??  She seems a lot longer to me than she did last month.
  • Rosie is wearing all 18 month clothes now (with the exception of 12 month jammies, cause those always seem to run big).  The 12 month ones were just too small/short for her and onesies were leaving marks on her legs.  Hoping she'll stay in this size for a few months, cause all of the winter stuff I got her is 18 months!  So hoping she stays this size for a bit (PLUS!  They stop making onesies at 24 months (and those sizes are hard to find anyways)) and I don't think she's ready for actual outfits everyday yet...she only 5 months old people!)
  • She still is an amazing sleeper.  People always talk about a 4 month sleep regression and with both kids I've yet to see it.  She goes down around 7:30-8pm every night and consistently sleeps till 8-9am the next morning.  Occasionally we'll hear here squawk at random hours at night, but she does this for maybe 2 minutes and falls back asleep.  On occasion she will wake up at 5 or 6am to eat, and then usually goes back to sleep till 10am.  BUT!  The majority of nights she's an 8pm - 8am sleeper and it's fabulousssss.
  • Ro Ro takes one nap a day still, same time as her big brother, usually from 1pm - 4pm and it's the most glorious thing because it allows me (when I'm home) to get oh-so-much stuff done during nap time.
  • Her eating schedule is fairly regulated on school days: she eats an 8-9oz bottle at 8/9am, then another one around 12:30/1pm, takes a nap, then I'm home and she'll nurse from me at 4pm, 5:30pm, and 7:30pm before going to bed for the evening.  She definitely is able to go longer in between feedings now it seems.  I'm sure she'll be ready to start solids right around month 6, but we're really trying to hold her off from that for another month when we think she'll be ready.
  • Girlfriend really loves her back--which is my nice way of putting it that she still hasn't rolled over yet!  And honestly, she's than capable of it (cause she'll go on her sides a lot to sleep), I just think she loves her back too much to flip onto her tummy from her back!  And when she's on her tummy she just chills there until she's ready to be on her back and whines and we'll flip her over (she hasn't obviously figure out that she can flip herself!).  I'm not worried at all--cause that's a lot of weight to roll for such a little gal!  And I'm in no hurry for her to be mobile either :)
  • No teeth...yet.  However, I'm pretty sure her bottom 2 toothies are like THIS CLOSE to popping through any day now...and, watch me say this and her not get teeth for MONTHS!  Ha!  But Patrick got his first two bottom teeth in between 5 and 6 months, so I'm guessing Ro Ro will be on the same track to have hers pop through then too.
  • Still a very avid thumb sucker.  It's the cutest little thing, cause she cups her other hand around the thumb she's sucking and just goes at it.  Definitely her go-to self soother (just like her big brother!) and it's awesome cause it is never lost and always accessible.
  • The Tula is magic with Rosie.  She absolutely loves it, and I've gotten more accustom to tossing her in it (or my new Sakura Bloom ring sling I got!) and fussy no more is she.  She usually will zonk out about 10ish minutes or so into her Tula ride and it's great, because I can literally do almost anything then with my 2 free hands while she is clam and content in the Tula.  Side note: we're going to Florida for Thanksgiving and have zero room to bring the single or double stroller so Tulas (one for Rosie, one for Patrick!) is what we'll bring!
  • Likes to sit for a bit in her bouncy seat play thingy still.  Still needs a blanket wedged around her so she doesn't slump forward, but seems content in there for a bit.  She's probably still a little small for it, but she's getting accustom to it and will grow to love it, I'm hopeful of :)
  • Seems to have an interest in what's on TV, especially Baby Einstein, much like her big brother.  She sits in her high chair at the table with us now and when she's fussy around dinner time and we're trying to eat, Baby Einstein to the rescue!  Patrick STILL likes watching these shows and he quickly zones off watching it too...which, I know isn't probably the best thing to have at the dinner table, but sometimes it's the only quiet time Mike and I get to eat and catch up on our day!
  • She absolutely LOVES her big brother.  I swear that he is the only one who can make her belly laugh!  Whenever she sees him she lights up and has the biggest smile on her face.  It just makes my mama heart just melt.  I know they're going to be the bestest of friends and I just love watching their relationship grow and develop each and every day! (She also loves Scooter--well, tolerates his seemingly endless lick assaults on her poor face--she does like when he sits next to her and she likes touching his fur (it is oh-so-soft)).
  • Rosie's personality is coming out more and more each day.  She is such a chill kid and so happy all of the time!  I joke about how unhappy she is, but really, she is the happiest little clam around and I just love her so!
Here's Rosie from 0 to 5 months...I hate how fast it's going of me making these collage pics!  GAHHHH!  But talk about changes!  Girlfriend sure has changed a ton in 5 months...and gained 10 whole pounds! DANGG! #beast

And, cause I know you're waiting for it, here's Patrick at 5 months and Rosie.  Similarly different if you ask me.

So that'll do it for Rosie's 5 month update and stats!  We don't go back to the doc for another month for her 6 month check up, so no real fun doctor's office stats to report on until then.  I'm sure you'll be waiting on pins and needles for her 6 month blog update, so hang tight, time is a'flyin'by and it'll be here before you know it.

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