Hashtag: BORING.

Seriously.  Could this post be any more boring?!  I haven't even started it yet, and even debated writing it, cause, honestly, nothing has really gone on since I last posted earlier this week.  We are living one boring life people! Ha!

BUT!  I will say boring trumps any day in which the dreaded plague was involved.  Those 3 weeks were BRUTAL with Patrick being sick and even though this week has been categorized by me as uneventful and 'boring' I will take it leaps and bounds over the hell that poor kid went through for 21 agonizingly long days.

So!  Where to begin?!  Ahhhh, really, not much has gone on this week.  Mike worked, I worked, Patrick and Rosie got oodles of snuggles and kisses and playtime with both sets of grandparents and great aunt Kate, and that's about it.

I will say I am still super super bummed and depressed that my favorite FAVORITE blogger to follow, Grace Patton over at Camp Patton is no more (forever?!  temporarily? WHO KNOWS!) and I'm super upset about it.  She had this amazing wit when she wrote and I'd be engrossed in allllll of her posts all the time.  My buddies Tiff and Lauren and I have been pouring our sorrows out via .gifs in a group text.  It has helped, but we still deeply DEEPLY miss Grace.  My friend Mary Pat sympathizes as well too I know, she was another big Camp Patton fan.  COME BACK TO US GRACE!!

Okay, onto happier things: my iPhone 6S PLUS comes in the mail sometime today and OMG to say I'm excited about it is an understatement! I cannot flippin' wait!  (I get like this every.single.year. around September when the new phone comes out.  Technology is my crack and new iPhone days are like Christmas to me!)  I thought originally I wasn't going to get my new phone till mid-October cause I had to order through AT&T to keep my upgrade deal thing the same and I was okay with that...but yesterday the FedEx gods sent me a shipping confirmation that my precious gold baby would be arriving by 8pm today!  Cue happy dance!  I'm sure I'll be love blogging over it in no time friends.

I am suppose to have SIX photoshoots this weekend...OHH EMM GEE, right?!  Right.  Super busy--but fall is my favorite time to take pictures!  The weather is gorgeous and the scenery is great.  Stay tuned to my Facebook page and photography blog if you're so interested to see the snaps I take.

So honestly, that's about all I've got.  BUTTTTTTT we all know I can't write a post without a picture...or thirty, so here it goes...some boring weekly adventures from the Mooneys.  Yee-haw.

Rosie still hasn't rolled over.  Whatevs.  Girlfriend likes her back.  And she's getting really good at sitting up by herself for 3 second intervals.  You do you, Rosie girl.

The burritos got some quality snuggle time with their Goose this week and seeing pictures like these melt my heart.  They sure love their water fowl and I sure love seeing them with her.

Patrick is really into coloring lately and (fortunately, for now!) he's keeping his doodles in the coloring books!  I'm sure I'm going to be eating my words writing this now...

My mom took Patrick to get a haircut and I think it aged him about 5 years.  He looks so handsome with his little trim and shaped up hairs!

I had a late start this week so decided to bring donuts over to my parents when I dropped the kiddos off.  Patrick was notably shocked that he got to eat an entire donut AND didn't have to share it--or have it cut up.  #LiveBig little dude.

Last but not least, oodles of Rosie smiles, cause they're my favorite.  You're welcome.  Happy Friday friends!  Have a good weekend!

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