Taking Stock

Holy Toledo, it's been a hot minute (wow, since July!) since my last taking stock post...so I figured I'd write one that I'm sure will incorporate the last few days and happenings since my last post--aren't you so excited?!  Plus, it's Monday, it's gorgeous out but I'm stuck inside since I got home from work and the bebes are still snoozing and Mike's stuck at work, so I figured I'd write one of these lovely forced-reflection posts to break up the monotony.  You're welcome.

Making: (I swear this is what I'm always making when I'm typing these taking stock posts) a grocery list--now that Patrick is feeling better, there's a LOT of food we haven't gotten in the past several weeks that we need to restock up on for him! (like berries, veggies, etc...)

Cooking: Thinking about starting dinner...we're having taco surprise!  --basically ground beef with taco seasoning mixed in with corn, topped with shredded cheese over chips.  Simple and delicious.  I'm sure Mike will coat his in hot sauce, as always.

Drinking: Lots and lots of water.  I never remember being this thirsty after I had Patrick, but boy, I can sure pound a ton of water in a day.  Maybe that's why my milk supply is so high?!  Who knows.  Either way, I am thirsty ALL THE TIME.

Reading: Well, more like "proof" reading a few blog posts I have cookin' for a couple different websites on a couple different topics.  Have I mentioned that I freelance blog for a couple companies?!  It's pretty awesome--would love for that to turn into a full-time gig one day, cause, I sure love to write.

Wanting: Rosie (and heck, Patrick for that matter too!) to stop growing up so fast!  I swear I blinked and she's 5 months old!  It makes me laugh though--so many friends who had babies around the same time I had her are eating solids, rolling over, starting to go on all 4s, and crawl even and Rosie's over here like, "not moving, no care."  Seriously.  She hasn't rolled over yet, hasn't had anything but breastmilk, and prefers to just be a lazy lady...so maybe it isn't going as fast as I think?!  At least she's still immobile!

Looking: At my schedule for the rest of this year and it is shockingly super busy!  I swear we have something going on every.single.weekend. until Christmas.  Not kidding.  Several weddings, oodles of photoshoots, family shindigs, and much more!  I mean, it's a good busy, right?!  It's all stuff we love to do, but sheesh!  Makes time fly by even faster. 

Playing: ^^that song over and over and over again.  I can't get it out of my head.  One of my students last week presented their hero project for my computer apps class and used that song to define their hero and showed the music video in the presentation and ever since then, I can't get it out of my head!  What a great message it has...definitely one of my new favorite tunes.

Wishing: Mike didn't have to work late...again.  I swear he works at least an hour late (or more!) every.single.day. I mean, the overtime $$ is nice, but no money is worth more than family time.  Hope the violence in our city dies down soon. 

Enjoying: This oh-so-gorgeous STL weather lately.  It truly is feeling more and more like fall and I love it.  I mean, I am always sad to see summer go, but the crisp cool air of a fall day is a welcomed sight after how dreadfully hot it was (or rainy!) all summer long.

Loving: {broken record here} Having two kiddos!  Despite Patrick's recent 20-day sickness, it has been peaches and cream having two little ones.  Their relationship is just the best, and the way Rosie giggles whenever her big brother is around just melts my heart!  I just love it so.

Pondering: ^^ What having THREE kids would be like.  We know we want a third, but trying to wrap my head around (when the time comes...no third bebe for a bit, calm your horses peeps) what it'd be like throwing ANOTHER Mooney into the mix, and how that would add to our family dynamic.  Just something I always think about, and how having another boy or girl would add to our family's makeup.  Pondering thoughts :)

Considering: Tackling cleaning out the garage and basement.  I mean, I really do want to do these things and NEED to do them, but honestly I need about 8 hours of uninterrupted time to do so, and where on earth am I going to find that amount of time anytime soon...yes, I can do "a little here and there," but, if you know me, that's not how I operate: I'm a one and done kinda gal. 

Watching: Old ER episodes.  I've been pounding through the entire series this summer and now am on season 13...only this one and 2 more left to go!  I'm sure once I'm done I'll go back and start rewatching from the beginning again.  I started watching this show in 1994 (yep.  When I was NINE!) and have loved it ever since!

Needing: To go shopping for some winter attire for Miss Rosie.  She has some stuff, but not a lot...like, you know, the essentials: a coat, socks, pants (that aren't leggings), etc... Thinking of hitting up Once Upon a Child or Kangaroo Kids sometime...soon.

Wearing: My go-to outfit: once I get home from school I strip down to the same thing every single day, no matter the temperature: yoga pants and a nursing top.  So much more comfy and easy feeding access for when the youngest burrito wakes up.

Following: Myself!  Haha--no, I'm looking back at my last 3 weeks of post and aghast so many of them are about Patrick's plague!  I am happy (and cautious!!) to report that the meds he was put on last Friday seem to be working magic and he's back to his old crazy wild beast self.  I sure hope he truly is on the mend!

Noticing: How many amazing friends and family we have out there!  I posted a few updates the past week about Patrick and his illness and holy outpouring of support!  Seriously.  Feeling the love for our little man from far and wide, and sooooooo appreciative of all of the well wishes, prayers, and thoughts were offered up to him.  We so so so appreciate it. 

Feeling: Really blessed to have such great friends and family.  Kinda the same as ^^above, but I have a few friends who the past three weeks have been my rock and allowed me to vent and complain to them about all that was going on and stressing me majorly out.  Tiff, Lauren, Robyn, and so many others, THANK YOU.  I love you guys so much and appreciate you being there for me!  

Admiring: What an awesome bunch of students I have this year.  I am truly blessed to be at a great school, and have fantastic students.  Not only were they genuinely concerned about Patrick when I was absent the past few weeks, they have been working oh-so-hard on all of their tech projects thus far.  It is such a welcomed feeling for this tech-loving teacher to have students so excited about the content! I need to bring them suckers soon.   

Sorting: Diapers!  Haha!  I feel like this is all I sort!  But yes, Patrick's dipes are just about to come out of the wash so they need to be sorted and dried and put away, then repeat this evening for Rosie's diapers.  'Tis the life of a cloth diapering fam.

Buying: A few necessities from the Amazon: new tower heater for Rosie's room (it's this bad boy if you're in the market for one for a kid's room--it's AMAZING.  We have the same one in Patrick's room and it shuts off when it gets to a certain temp, then kicks back on if it dips below that temp), new spouts for my Camelback water bottle since mine ripped, shoes for Abby and Stuart's wedding, a baptism gift for my cousin Adrienne's son, and a wedding gift for my friend Sammy's wedding on Saturday.  Holy expensive Amazon trip!  Haha

Getting: Really excited for all of the fall photoshoots (um, like TEN!) I have already booked!  I just LOVE this time of the year, and especially snapping late afternoon pictures.  Gahhhh!  I can't wait to snap so many family pics this fall!  Hoping for non-rainy gorgeous days the dates we have scheduled!

Bookmarking: A few crock pot recipes I *may* take a stab at making.  Maybe.  Mike's on days the next 3 weeks so we're trying better about eating at home, so I'm trying to branch out and make things that we aren't always having over and over again.  Hey, what can I say?!  I'm a creature of habit...I like what I like.

Disliking: This.  Still.  I thought my post from a few weeks ago summed up my feelings on this subject matter, but it still pains me to see so much anti-cop violence and killings happen.  I know some argue and say it isn't on the rise, but I do feel like there is much more anti-police sentiment out there and people are going out of their way to harm or kill police.  I just hate it.

Feeling: Pretty giggly after Patrick and Scooter's second "Ridin' Dirty" installment from yesterday.  Seriously.  This kid and dog crack me up!  I could watch this video over and over again!

Snacking: I may or may not have just eaten half a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream...cause why not?!  Mike's gonna be home late, right?!  Might as well indulge to hold me over until dinner time right?!  RIGHT.  Ice cream is always right.

Coveting: Family time.  Now that everyone is healthy, trying to enjoy each and every healthy minute we all have together in the evenings and weekends...and trying to document it as we go!  Cause the kiddos grow up too fast, but pictures (and Patrick Tales) and blog posts last forever!

Wishing: Summer wasn't over...I mean, I love fall, but I am missing our days at the pool, park dates, going to the zoo and exploring and not having to worry about getting up early or staying up late.  I guess I'll just continue to daydream about next summer (where I'll have a 3 and 1 year old.  WHAT?!!) until then.

Helping: Myself to the rest of that Ben and Jerry's pint...Mike just text me he's gonna be a few hours late (WAHHHH!) so might as well eat up cause dinner is gonna be late...if we even eat together at all.  Boo hiss.

Hearing: The rumblings of two kiddos waking up from their afternoon siestas...which is my cue to wrap up this post NOW and catch ya'll later!  Thanks for reading with me...until my next taking stock post...adios!

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