Ridin' Dirty...Again.

I posted this Ridin' Dirty video (round 2! --first one was wayyyyy back in March) last week and it is just my favorite.  I love it so.  I'm sure as soon as Rosie is a pro sitting up she'll be saddled up in the police car with the boys as well.

Anyways, so last night it was gorgeoussssss outside and we thought it'd be fun to let Patrick drive his police car outside for the first time ever.  Nice parents, aren't we?!  Well, in order for that to happen he was going to have to drive it from the basement (walk out) up around the back and side yard up to the front.  OMG.  You'd think it was Christmas with how excited he was to do this!

He LOVED it.  And it made for a nice picture in our photogenic backyard setting.

Anywho, once he got around to the front yard he was all like, "DONE WITH THIS" and wanted to run around in the front and play instead.  Hashtag: short attention span.

Anyways, when he got back into his car, he did NOT want his picture taken (uh, WHAT?!!!)--this is his new jam lately.  SCREAMMMMINGGG "NOOOOOO!!!" at me and waving his hand because he doesn't want his picture taken.  Lord help me, I hope it's just a phase.  Anyways, I snapped away anyways and OMG.  Got some jem of photos.

OF COURES there were like a thousand meme ideas flooding through my head...and I'll spare you the other hundred I made, but this one (Mike's idea!) was definitely my fave.  Still has me giggling!

HA-LARIOUS, right?!  Right.  Still dying over it.  Of course I had to take the opportunity to snap a pic of my trusty always willing to take pictures dogson in the cop car as well....so, here ya go.

Perfect little subtle sun flare, huh?! Yeppers.  Anyways, Patrick wasn't interested in driving it around at all (WHAT??!!  We thought he'd be all over driving it in the yard and driveway.  #nope.) until I asked him if he wanted to drive it back to the basement and then he leapt at the chance and hopped back in and cruised off into the sunset...literally.

Project: clean out the garage needs to happen soon so we can fit his car IN the garage and not have to keep getting out from the basement every time now that he wants to drive it outside.  Procrastination is in full effect there but I hope to have the garage cleaned out and organized by, um, Christmas time.  I hope. Ha.

Anyways, have a lovely Thursday friends!

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