Fun-Filled Little Weekend

What a jam-packed weekend we had 'round these parts!  Fortunately the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so that made for the weekend all that much better.

So!  Where to start!  Ahhhh, Friday.  Well, Mike was suppose to be off Thursday and Friday, but he took a secondary detail job from 4-10pm Thursday and 7am-10pm (!!!) on Friday, so the kiddos and I were flyin' solo Friday night.  YOLO! --not really.  We sure miss Mike when he's working nights, especially on the 3 week loops when he SHOULD be home at night.

Our friends Lauren and Bert came by Friday night before their dinner plans and dropped off this amazingly awesome SWAT police costume for Patrick.  A wittle big, but amazing!  I need to get some pics of him by his police car in it.  And no, he's not being this for Halloween--he's being a train conductor--but I couldn't pass up this amazing costume she found for always need dress-up clothes, right?!  Right.

Mike sent me a similar meme with a dog and a phone, and I felt like I could create one muchhhhhh better with Scooter, so boom.  Here ya go.  And seriously, #lifegoals.  I'd flippin' love to be able to text Scooter...which I'm sure our convos would go something like this.

Friday nights when dad works be like this: YOLO.  Haha!  They both look terrified.  Sorry Scoots.  Sorry Ro Ro, I couldn't resist.

Rosie was livin' large Friday night eating her frozen milk in her mesh feeding back.  Girlfriend got so angry when it all melted and she didn't have anything to chomp anymore.  Ha!  Takes after her mama.  Hangry-ness.  I *think* she may have some toothies coming in??  Broken record, I know.  I've been saying it for months.  Who knows...but I do swear I see something.  And yeah, still no food.  No intention of starting that soon either, cause she's still sleeping oh-so-good and I don't want to deal with the mess.  Plus, she's still packing on the pounds just on milk.  Why rock the boat?!  Anyways, so Patrick and I split a pizza for dinner and OMG.  The kid ate FOUR HUGE PIECES, in addition to 2 containers of mandarin oranges, 2 pouches of applesauce, and almost an entire pack of raspberries...and he was still hungry!  I think he's officially recovered from the plague and got his appetite back--and working on regaining those 4 pounds back that he lost.  You do you Patrick.

Since my mom has grandkid withdrawals ALL.THE.TIME., they stopped by Friday night to see the burritos before they went to bed.  Rosie was wearing her new Love diaper and OMG, it might be my new favorite BumGenius print.  I love love LOVE it.  And I need like 5 more I think...or at least one for Patrick so they can match.

Saturday morning Mike has to work but I took the cherubs to my favorite favorite FAVORITE thing about living in Kirkwood: the annual Greentree parade!  I fondly remember going to this parade every.single.year. growing up AND sitting in the same spot!  I love that my kiddos get to experience the same parade and festivities I did when I was there age!  Such amazing nostalgia!  Just wish Mike could have been there with us.  Next year...hopefully.

Rosie was pretty much like, "whatevs" the entire parade with her resting bitch face, but Patrick had an absolute blast sitting with his cousin and grandparents watching the parade and catching all of the candy he could.  He did sooooo well just staying put and watching all of the floats and people go by.  He really is starting to expand his .2 second attention span!  Go Patrick go!

Yeah, they look nothing alike.  Parade Patrick in 2013 at 4 months, Rosie in 2015 at 5 months.  At least they both are masters of the resting bitch face.  Well done offspring.

So that's my Wizard of Oz inspired Oh My! Tula and I so so so wish I'd have put red socks on Rosie!  How cute would that picture have been?!  Side note: I can't wait for my custom accessories for that Tula to come in!  Hopefully soon!!

After the parade we went back to the Mooneys for lunch and I snapped a pic of the little Mooney lady cousins (cause Patrick's attention span reset and he was off the ground before I could whip my phone out).  I hope they grow up to be best buddies!  Cousins are just the best and I can already see how much these two love each other!

So Ro Ro stilllllll hasn't rolled over--front to back or back to front--but girlfriend can sit up by herself for a wittle bit before toppling over.  WHAT??!!  I think this is why she sleeps so well--she hasn't figured out how to flip over yet and get angryyyyy about being on her tummy.  Who knows.  Don't get me wrong, I'm in NO HURRY for her to be mobile!  All of these other March/April/May baby friends are rollin' and movin' and flippin' and crawlin' and I'm like "good for them!" and silently smiling at Rosie for not moving much and just being a lazy easy going non-mobile baby...cause I know it's not gonna last much longer.

Saturday night we went to my good friend Sammy's wedding--a much MUCH needed night out for Mike and I!  We were so excited to get out and celebrate...especially with some college friends I hadn't seen in years!

How gorgeous is Sammy?!  And her dress?!!  Gahhhh!  It was a beautiful wedding and reception and I'm soooo sooo sooo excited for her and her new hubby Steve!  --Oh, they totally got to meet Ozzie Smith after their wedding too.  So jelly.

The kids spent the night at my mom's and she posted this picture of Rosie with some Cabbage Patch kids.  OMG.  She looks JUST like them, doesn't she?!!  I was dying when she sent me this.  She's totally getting her one of these hats made too.  I can't wait!!

Mike took off Sunday (thank the good Lord above) so we decided to hit up the Greentree festival and car show before going to my cousin Adrienne's son Cole's baptism.  Knowing how crazy crowded it gets from years past, we elected to ditch the stroller and carry both kids.

GENIUS.  It was oh-so-much easier to carry both kids than try and fight the crowds with the strollers.  Plus, we were all able to get in the sporadic picture with my moms Kirkwood girl friends we ran into too!  

I was getting hangry so we elected to grab a quick snack before heading to the baptism...and I was so nice to cover snoozin' Rosie up with a napkin so I could indulge in a corn dog and (not pictured) fried Oreos.  Ohhhh boy were those tasty.

So Patrick did something he NEVER EVER does on the way from Greentree to Cole's baptism: he fell asleep in the car!  He was chipper and excited one moment then BAM!  Out like a light!  Guess all that gorgeous fresh air wore him out.

After the baptism I snapped this pic of Mike holding Rosie up and it just melts my heart.  I love seeing him love on this little girl and it just makes me want to burst into a puddle of happy mama mush.

Patrick has been getting to hang with his second cousin Ethan a lot this summer too--we're so glad they moved back to STL!  These boys are too cute together and Patrick is always willing to hold his hand and give him hugs and kisses...then push him down the next second.  #Boys.  Sheesh.

And to conclude this super duper early morning weekend recap post, Scooter and Rosie's face say it all: :-| MEHHH.  Monday.  I wish the weekend would have lasted a few days longer so we could have more family time (cause it was oh-so-much fun what we had the past 2 days!!) and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous fall weather STL is having!  Oh well, gives me something to look forward to next weekend when Mike is off for 3 (!!!) days.  Ya-freaking-hoo!

Our 24 week old Rosie is all smiles today and hopes you are too!  Have a great Monday and week friends!

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