Greener Pastures

Wayyyyyy back a few months ago for my 30th birthday my brother Charlie gifted me with a new website design, blog, and watermark/logo for my photography site.

Well, fast-forward to now: my lease with my current host was just about up and I was itching to take him up on my gift.  Well, he's been working tirelessly on it for me and it's justtttt about wrapped up!  My site has been completely redesigned and merged with my photog blog, and my logo has been completely updated (I LOVE the aperture paw print!!).  

There are a few pieces that still need to be completed, but my site is up and running, logos being watermarked onto my pictures, and new posts being posted on my new blog!  EEKKKK!  So exciting!  My brother even set me up with a new photog email account (hosted by my beloved Google) as well:  I feel so official now!  I mean, I was before, but even more so now that I've gotten a face lift and are on to greener pastures.  ALSO!  I reopened my Pics & Paws Etsy shop too--I make lovely chalkboard prints and custom invitations for cheapppppp--so if you're interested in that give that link a click below.  I'm sure you're doing a big Robert Downey Jr. eye roll with how non-exciting this post I'm gonna wrap it up right now with some hot links below that you can click on if you're feelin' frisky and want to see the new site and blog.  Enjoy...and happy weekend!

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