Rosie at 6 Months

HOLY FLIPPIN' COW.  How on earth has it been 6 months?!  HALF A YEAR?  182ish DAYS?! 26 WEEKS?!!  Seriously.  I cannot believe how fast it is going.  I know, I know, I say this every month.  But seriously, these past 6 months have been amazingly awesome and incredible and have gone too flippin' fast.  I guess I better start planning her 1st birthday party and getting ready for her to leave for college, right?!

So, Miss Rosie has been up to a lot since month 5--okay, well not a ton, but I swear she looks older and older each and every single day...and she's growing like a flippin' weed!  She's still on just breastmilk...after Patrick's nearly 3 week long bout with the Plague I didn't want to tackle another life event justttttt yet, so girlfriend is still on mama's milk...more on that later.

Anyways, so I cannot believe Rosie is 6 whole months old.  If I remember correctly with Patrick right after 6 months is when things started getting super I'm hoping for the same with Ro Ro.  I'm sure it will be; she's been oh-so-much-fun thus far!

FINALLY we have an even number of weeks for a collage pic!  Woot!  BUT!  Again, math = hard, and I couldn't figure out how to get 26 squares to fit nicely in a bigger 24 in a square then 2 outside of it.  A for effort right?!  RIGHT.

So Ro Ro has definitely plateaued a bit from her chunk-a-lunk growth curve she's been on...yet I bet she's still in the 90th percentile for weight and maybe? height??? We'll see at the doc later today for her 6 month check up...but for now, here's some lovely mom stats that I know you're dyinggggggg to read.

  • Rosie weighs in at 20 pounds and 2 ounces--up exactly 1 pound from last month!  She definitely has seemed to plateau a bit, definitely not gaining weight as crazy fast as she was early on, but is still a definite chunk.  I have no idea how long she is, but I'm guessing maybe 27 or 28 inches???  We'll see at her 6 month check up later today...which will be a lovely 'nother post all in itself probably later today. Get excited.
  • Still wearing all 18 month clothes.  Since she didn't gain too much weight since last month she's still in most of the same clothes she was in!  I did buy some 18 and 24 month warmer winter clothes (jeans, sweatshirts, coats) for her in hopes that she'll be around this same size when it gets colder.  Hopefully she won't jump up too much more in weight and not fit in all of the winter stuff I got for her!
  • Has tiny feet (compared to Patrick's size 4 at 6 months!)--she wears a size 2.  I have 2 pairs of size 3 shoes that were given to us and she swims in them!  She's definitely got stubby little fat feet...and I could just eat them up they're so cute!
  • Still a fantastic sleeper.  She may have regressed, no, bad word for it...she still sleeps very well.  She will do a solid 10-12 hour stretch right off the bat (so usually 8pm - 6/7am), then eat, then go back to sleep till 9am-ish.  This actually works out perfectly cause I get up for work, feed her, and put her back to sleep and she ends up getting up around 9ish--the same time Patrick is!  I am totally TOTALLY guilty of waking her up to eat too before I leave for work.  Oops.  But there is something about the early morning nursing bond we have that I am addicted too and can't break!  GAHHHHH!  Mom guilt!  But it's the best so I'm gonna continue to do it.
  • Takes one nap still, usually from 12/1pm - 3/4pm everyday.  And she's as happy as a little lark when she wakes up from a nap (or wakes up in the morning) and hardly ever cries when she arises.  It's the best.  And she's sooooo happy to see whoever comes into her room to get her up from her slumbers too!
  • Rosie is still completely on solids...yet.  I'm sure at our 6 month appointment later today we'll get the nudge to start her on foods, and we will, but we just haven't yet and I've actually been more than happy with just keeping her on milk!  She sleeps well, is happy and is still gaining weight, and (best part) her diapers are easy peasy to clean.  We'll probably start on foods sometime before she's 9 months no definite date on when we're gonna start with that...I'm in no hurry.
  • She's a very consistent eater: nurses at 6/7am, 8oz bottle at 9am, 8oz bottle at 12/1pm, nurses at 4pm, nurses at 5:30pm, nurses at 7:30/8pm, then bed.  She's a very scheduled-oriented little lady, much like her OCD mama :)
  • I said this last month...and I'm typing it again!  HAHA!  She really REALLY loves her back and hasn't rolled over yet.  Nope.  Neither back to front or front to bad.  Whatevs.  I'm in ZERO hurry for her to be mobile, and rolling is the first step!  Haha!  I don't have any concerns about her development or anything, I think she's just on her own schedule...which doesn't include rolling before her half birthday!
  • As of this past weekend, Rosie officially has ONE tooth!  One of the middle toothies on the bottom popped through, and I think the other one is shortly behind it.  Luckily we saw zero pre-teething issues before this tooth popped up with Rosie, so hopefully she's like her big brother and doesn't have any problems with teething! #fingerscrossed
  • She can sit up by herself (albeit no very well) for anywhere from a few seconds to a minute before toppling over.  Patrick was sitting up fully unsupported by himself by 6 months, so he's ahead of Rosie in that regard, but I think she's doing really well given that she hasn't even rolled over yet!  I'm hoping she masters sitting up by herself more and more the next couple of weeks because I have some 6 month outside fall pics I have up my sleeve for her and I'd love it if she was able to sit up for them.  #dreambigAlex
  • Still really loves her thumb...A LOT.  That's her go-to comforter whenever she's upset or tired, much like her brother.  And, just like her brother, she's a lefty thumb sucker!  It's the cutest!  I need to remind myself of how cute it is in about 13 years when I'm paying out the wazoo for ortho work.
  • Is a big fan of her boucy seat thingy.  And we've ditched the blankets (woot!) cause she's big enough to touch the floor and bounce and not have to worry about flopping all over and around in her seat--she's definitely gaining more head, neck, and body control in that regard.
  • LOVES to be worn in the Tula (still! woot!) and even enjoys being carried on our backs now!  She's definitely big enough to go on the back and we did it the other week with Mike wearing her and it went awesome--she really loved it!  YAY!  Love that she loves to be worn!
  • Her big brother Patrick can make her smile and giggle like no other.  She never takes her eyes off of him either and it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!  Patrick is always super concerned where she is, always asking, "Where Ro Ro?!"  If she's not immediately around.  And he can make her laugh like no other!  Rosie is also a big fan (or tolerator???) of Scooter.  That dog sure loves to lick attack her and will smother her with a zillion kisses before we can catch him and stop him.
  • Definitely likes to watch things on TV or the iPad...and is a big fan of whatever Patrick is watching--everything from Baby Einstein to Thomas to Dinosaur Train.  She seems to study people and what she's watching with intent focus and it's so cute to watch.
  • Is a talker!  Man, I don't remember Patrick talking this much but this girl blabbers on and on and on.  I'll be shocked if she isn't an early talker, much to the opposite of her big brother who only recently started being a chatter box.
And here's 1/2 a years worth of Rosies!  0 to 6 7 pictures.

And, as always a special treat, Patrick at 6 months vs. his little sis Rosie.  Aren't they just the cutest little churros ever?!!  #YES.

Well, that's about it.  I'm gonna go crawl in a denial hole and ugly cry the rest of the day that my baby is growing up and tomorrow will be officially closer to 1 than birth.  WAHHHHHH!  Until 7 months friends, adios!

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