Weekend Round-Up

What a weekend!  I swear, each and every weekend seems busier than the previous one.  Not complaining, just observing :)  And I'm sure as the kiddos get older and move involved in sports and such the weekends will just become that much busier and busier!  Ahh, life with kids.

So big news in the Mooney household: Patrick has officially ditched his high chair and now sits at the table with us.  Shockingly this has been going pretty well thus far!  He actually stays at the table (WHATTT???!) and eats and really doesn't get up and down, as I assumed he would.  This means that we can put one of the high chairs back down stairs (or keep it permanently in the dining room) and free up some space.

Little miss peach still hasn't rolled over or anything, and you know what?!  She doesn't care.  She does wiggle around when she's on her tummy and scurry off of where I left her, but definitely isn't rolling over back to belly or vice versa.  The doc at our check up wasn't concerned about this and neither am I.  Side note: how cute does she look in her adorable knot headband and coordinating Applecheeks diaper and shirt?!  So darn cute.

Rosie is getting really good at sitting up on her own, and Patrick loooooooves being right up next to her when she is.  Saturday morning before photoshoot numero uno of the weekend I caught them holding hands (!!!) and sitting together glued to Thomas on TV.  Um, my mama heart melted and exploded into a million pieces!  I hope they're always this close and bestest buddies.

After my photoshoot I met Mike and the kiddos at his Schnucks reunion at a local park/banquet hall.  Mike took a half day so it was great to chat with some of his old friends and co-workers (like from the 1990s and early 2000s when he worked at the grocery store) and have the kiddos play at the park.  They both really loved the swings and, despite the frigid temperatures, really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Rosie had some serious RB face going on on Saturday--maybe because it was 50 degrees and windy outside?!!  I don't blame you Ro Ro.

Saturday night a good friend came over and we just spent the evening chatting and hanging out.  It was the best.  Patrick liked driving Rosie around in his police car...Rosie, not so much.  I think she was terrified.  I get that way too with underage drivers behind the wheel.

Sunday morning I noticed that Rosie had a tooth pop through!  One of her bottom toothies has poked through and we didn't even notice it until it was already there!  I'm hoping and praying she is like her big bro with teething = non-existent symptoms.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Patrick frequently asks for, "Ro Ro!  In bed!"  When he wakes up, so if she's already up and with me, I oblige.  And he just loves having his sissy in his bed with him!  I really hope their relationship is always like this...ha!  You're living in a fantasy world Alex.

Sunday Mike had to work but I took the kiddos (with my mother in law and my mom) to my school's Fall Festival.  It was a bit chilly but, despite their faces, really fun and they had a good time!  I hope Mike will be able to go with us next year (second year in a row flying solo to this event)--he always loves to see where I work.

I had another photoshoot Sunday late afternoon (both shoots went awesome this weekend and I LOOOOOVE how the pics turned out!) and then we went to my in-laws for dinner to wrap up our little weekend.  I snapped this pic of Rosie laying on her dog cousin Molly...girlfriend loves animals, just like her big bro!  That's about all I have for this past weekend, boring and busy, huh?!!  Thanks for sticking around and reading this all...riveting stuff, I'm sure ;-)

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