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I just realized I hadn't blogged since last Monday--OMG.  So unlike me!  I'd like to say I've been slammed with stuff, but, honestly, I've just been absolutely pooped come my usual blogging time (after the kids go down for their nightly slumbers), so yeah, just been slacking I guess.  BUT!  I'm here to change that and give you a lovely little weekly update post as to the riveting (j/k) things that have been a'happening 'round these parts.

Last week when the burritos were at my parents my dad took the day off work and they planned to take them to the Zoo.  Well, low-and-behold, it was pouring out so no dice on the Zoo...instead, they decided to go ride the Metro choo choo instead!  (aka ride the Metrolink all over STL).

Patrick needless to say was completely obsessed and loved riding it!  Rosie, in her usual state, was completely unfazed by the mornings happenings and retreated to her go-to state: siesta land.

After the kiddos finished riding the choo choo they went to visit Great (their great grandma) at her rehab room and Patrick assumed his favorite pastime as of recently: brushing people's hair.  Maybe he'll grow up to be a beautician!  He is obsessed with hair and brushes.

No reason for this pic other than it was a sweet sweet exchange between the two kiddos one night this past week and the way Patrick is always wanting to hold her hand.  It is just the cutest thing ever.

I was explaining to Mike how you can get the Tula on solo whether you want it on front or back, so naturally I swopped up my go-to test subject Scoots and showed him how easy it was.  I also had to snap a selfie too cause, babywearing looks way good on Scoots, don't you think?!

So Patrick has been showing a wee bit of interest in the potty as of late.  Shocking.  He has actually gone pee on the potty a few times too and seemed super excited about it.  We got him some Thomas and Minion undies as well as some new Applecheeks learning pants and he gets an M&M every time he goes #1, and gets a new train or car when he goes #2.  We are definitely not pushing this potty training on him AT ALL--we want him to do it on his own accord when he's ready (we think it'll be easier for everyone!), BUT we want to be prepared with his incentives/motivations when he gives us signs that he's ready.  So, we are prepared!

I mean, how flippin' cute are her little toothies?!  And I'm bursting with maturity in our selfie.  HA!

I AM IN LOVE with all of the custom shoes my amazing aunt Kate is making Rosie!  I especially love the custom embroidered ones with her initials.  GAHHHH!  So.darn.cute.

No real reason for this pic other than pumping (and nursing too) is really exhausting me lately.  I don't mind doing it, but it is a time suck and also an energy suck it feels like.  I think that's a big reason why I'm so tired lately...and I literally have to plan my days around my nursing/pumping schedule and it's taking a physical toll I think in just wearing me out!  BUT!  My goal is to make it at least a year, and we're almost 7 months strong into it (which is about a month shy of how long I went with Patrick!) so I don't think we'll be stopping or weaning anytime soon :)  Just using this post as a little outlet to vent.

This was the site of a missed photoshoot earlier this week.  I was suppose to photograph a pup who was terminal with cancer; however, she was too sick to make our shoot and ended up going up to to the big park in the sky.  Gah.  Moving on before I start crying on my keyboard.

Mike has been on TV A LOT lately, which means one thing: lots of crime and homicides.  I really wish this city would stop murdering each other, cause, it's getting old real fast.  I don't want to dwell on this either, so I'm not going to...but, I do like seeing Mike on TV knowing that he's SAFELY working a scene.  That makes this LEO wife feel a smidgen better.

Someone is standing!  --Totally misleading, btw.  She's being supported by the back of the couch...but besides that she is standing!  We'll see if she starts to be mobile soon (doubt it)...I like the state she's in now where she just sits there and observes.

Our favorite bird Goose turned 88 years young this week and we had a fabulous time celebrating the day with her at the Pond with some Chinese food!  Patrick and Rosie both love her oh-so-much and it is so cute to hear Patrick squeal with excitement when he sees her and runs over to her yelling her name and wanting to brush her hair.

Just a friendly little PSA that I posted on instagram earlier this week about how EASY it is to cloth diaper, dispelling the myth that it takes too long.  This is about 3.5 days worth of diapers for Rosie and it took me a little more than 5 minutes to fold and stuff all of her diapers and put them away.  Easy peasy.  And they are so adorable and fluffy and cute too!

When his KiKi visits, things get crazyyyyyy -- like you put stickers all over yourself then refuse to take them off when it's time to get dressed.  Haha!  KiKi lets him do anything!  --Which, I think she let me do everything when I was his age and she was watching me!

I'll end this rambling-all-over-the-place post with this pic from TinySuperheroes volunteering last week with some of my UA coworkers.  We had a great time helping Robyn empower some kiddos and I would love love LOVE to go back soon and help her even more!  I love her mission and what she's doing and want to do anything and everything I can to help her achieve her goals!
Whew.  Okay!  That was quite a tid bit this and that post, eh?!  It was all over the place!  Forgive me, it's 11pm and my mind is focused on one thing (my bed) and I just wanted to get this post hatched out so I can go curl up in it!  Stay tuned, a Halloween recap post will be coming soon too!  Have a great rest of your weekend friends, and don't forget to fall back! 

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