Today is our last day in West Palm Beach (or Singer Island, to be more specific) before we head over to the other side of Florida to spend the rest of our time with our family over in Bonita Springs.  If you read my last post you know we are down here for Thanksgiving, so we are loooooooving every second in the warm Florida sun while it is chilly willy and icky back home.

Anyways, yesterday (didn't blog! shocker!) it was rainy (like torrential rain!) in the morning and early afternoon, so we didn't hit up the beach and pool until later.  We did go to Loggerhead Park, about 5 miles from our hotel in Juno Beach, to check out the turtles there.  Patrick had a blast and looooooved seeing all of his new turtle friends and then kissing all of the sea creature paintings all over the place.  It made me smile to see how much he loves animals.

Once we got back and had lunch we attempted to get the kiddos to lay down for naps, but they weren't having it...and that was just as the sun was coming out, so we decided to pack them up and head to the pool for the rest of the afternoon instead!  And what a better way to spend the now not rainy afternoon than at the pool!

Patrick is FEARLESS in the water.  With his puddle jumpers on he is afraid of nothing.  He's even starting to put his face in the water and blow bubbles when he is swimming, which is a great sign that he is learning to hold his breath when he goes under.  I'm so proud of the little fish he's become!

After some pool time we came back in for dinner -- the kiddos stay with my mom and aunt at the condo for dinner, and my dad, Mike, and I packed up and went to a local seafood place (delish!  I had coconut shrimp!!) for dinner.  It was fun to have a little kidless time...which Mike and I continued after the kiddos went down for bed by hanging out by the ocean and watching the waves at night.  It was an awesome end to our Sunday.

Today we woke up (and Ro Ro got some snuggle time IN BED with us--something that we never ever do but since we're on vacation rules don't in she came!) and it was SUNNNNNYYYYY (yay!! no more rain forecasted, btw, for the rest of our trip! woot!) but super windy.  Whatves.  We didn't care -- off to the beach we went!  Rosie gets so peeved when we set her down cause she just wants to eat the sand and obviously us good parents don't want her doing that, so we stop her from chomping down on the grains (first food??!) and she gets then she gets to get held the entire time.  Haha.  Little diva.

Patrick loved the beach and waves AGAIN.  He loved building sand castles (well, letting Mike build them and he destroy them) and chasing the pigeons around on the beach.

After about an hour or so in the sand we decided to head back to the pool and swim instead, much to Rosie's delight.  Sister bear prefers the pool to the ocean/beach it seems.  Patrick's new found funness is being thrown up high in the air in the pool -- he loves this!  He got to do this about a hundred times it seems (my poor dad's arms! haha!).  It obviously wore him out cause he willingly laid down for 'rest time' after we came up from the pool for did Ro Ro.

So yeah, that's about all the fun we've been having thus far!  It's been total chill and relaxing -- way more than I thought it was going to be!  I'm trying to keep the 18+ hour drive home out of my mind, thinking about the logistics of that with pumping/feeding/2 adults and 2 carseated kids sausaged in Mike's Accord...eeekkk.  I'll worry about that when it comes, right?!  RIGHT.

Anyways, that's about all I've got...I'm wrapping up this post with Rosie's 33 week pic (that my OCD self is trying not to go crazy over that it's a different background than our couch!) and heading back outside to sit on our porch and bask in the warm Floridan sun for a wittle bit longer :)  Have a great week friends!

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