Patrick at 2.5 Years

I know I've been blogging some Patrick Tales lately...but every since Patrick's 2 year old post, I haven't really done a dedicated post solely about him since!  And since I do monthly ones for Rosie, I figured since Patrick is now officially two and a half years old, I should do a updated 'halfway to three!' post for him and see how things have changed from a year ago when he was 18 months old and 6 months ago when he was two years old.

Timehop reminded me of 6 month old Patrick and 18 month old Patrick this time a year and two years ago, so I figured I'd keep with the halvsies traditions and blog a little about Patrick at two and a half years old!  I'm going to give you my favorite "list" version of all of his recent happenings, cause, that's just how I roll.  Enjoy.

  • Patrick weighs 36 pounds even and wears 4T clothes and size 8/9 (depending on the brand) shoes.  He definitely is a big kiddo!  He's about the size of an average 3.5 - 4 year old I think, and sometimes he thinks he's really that old too.  Ha.  He's about 38 inches tall or so (my guess) -- I joke with Mike all the time that he's tall enough for some of the "bigger kid" rides at Six Flags!  Maybe next summer we'll take him there to enjoy those excitements.
  • He is amazing with directions.  He knows the way to Papa and NeeNee's houses, the Pond, the park, the train store, the Museum of Transportation, the Zoo, and many more.  He questions you when you go past that destination, take another route, or don't turn where he wants you to cause that's when "Papa's house down there!" or other things will come out showing his disproval for wherever you're going.
  • He continues to understand EVERYTHING and will repeat (or attempt to!) EVERYTHING as well.  Definitely have to watch what you say around him because he will most definitely repeat it, even if it's not something you want him to say.  He's getting good with multi-step directions "Please grab my iPhone off the counter and bring it to me." or even more complex ones like, "Take this to daddy and bring mommy her water bottle from the fridge."  He amazes me every single day with what he knows and shows us!
  • His speech is getting oh-so-good and I swear, every day it gets better and better.  He is speaking in multi-word sentences and tries to say so much (there's a lot we still don't understand!) but he really is communicating so well and it opens up a world of new things for him (and us!).  He can tell us when he's thirsty, something hurts, not feeling well, scared, and so much more.  This really is a super fun age for him (and us!)
  • Still a great sleeper.  Will usually go down around 8:30-9pm and sleep until 8-9am the next morning.  He will usually take a 2-3 hour nap around 1pm each day; however, there have been a'many days (more than I'd like!) where he boycotts nap and plays in his crib for a couple hours.  He is in no way ready to drop a nap for good, so we still make him have rest time if he refuses to nap.  Naps seem to be good for everyone so we'll keep pushing them for a while longer :)
  • Still sleeps in a crib -- he probably could handle a toddler bed, but he sleeps soooo well in his crib, doesn't climb out (anymore since we flipped his crib around!) and is content in there--so caged he stays!  He did have his first overnight experience out of a crib at my aunt Kate's lake a few weeks ago and he did awesome down there, so I'm sure he'd do fine outside of his little baby jail.  BUT!  Until something changes with that, he'll be staying in his little baby jail from here on out :)
  • He seems interested sometimes in the potty, and other times could care less about it.  He's gone #1 on the potty a few times, and when he does he is rewarded with an M&M!  --Whenever he decides to go #2 on the potty he gets a new car or train.  Patrick is definitely showing interest in the potty, but definitely not potty trained yet.  I'm totally letting him do it on his own accord, because I think it'll be easier for everyone once he does it himself.  I'm sure when he does that'll be a whole 'nother blog post in itself...which I'm sure you're sitting on pins and needles waiting for that one to be published :)
  • Loves loves LOVES trains, trucks, cars, dinosaurs, and animals, with trains probably being his most favorite.  Not much holds his attention for more than a few seconds, but trains (especially Brio ones!) will for, not kidding, at least an hour.  It's amazing.  He is all boy and is totally into the transportation moving things!
  • Speaking of trains, he is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine (much to my attempt to deter him from loving that!).  He loves that show so much and will watch it over.and.over.and.over.again on his iPad.  He also recently has discovered Paw Patrol and loves watching that only (for some reason!) on the "big TV" (as opposed to his iPad).  
  • He LOVES his iPad, but not for the games or apps, but for watching his TV shows and movies.  His iPad is always on, yet he's kinda like his mama where he needs background noise I guess cause he never spends more than a few quick minutes watching it before he moves onto doing something else.  Current favorite movies: Despicable Me, The Little Mermaid, and Thomas and Friends.
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES his sister.  He is completely obsessed with her and always is wondering where she is, what's she's doing, why she isn't awake when he is, and so on.  He's is always touching her hands and giving her hugs and kisses.  It is definitely the sweetest thing EVER and melts my heart how much he loves her.  He is not jealous of her at all, but genuinely seems to love his little sis so much.  I hope this relationship lasts forever and everrrr! 
  • Has 20 teeth -- his 2 year molars came in this summer and he's up to date with all of his toothies for a while!  Speaking of, he loves to brush his teeth seemingly only when he's in the bathtub!  He demands for "brush teeth!!" as soon as he gets in.  He'll be going to the dentist for a practice checkup in about 6 months when I go for my next visit.
  • Still is a hurricane tornado of a little boy and likes to make a bigger mess than anything else.  He leaves a trail of toys wherever he goes!  Haha!  He is getting better about picking up (especially if we sing the clean up song!) but boy, he is all boy all the time going a thousand miles a minute and hardly spending much time with one activity before he moves onto the next!
  • Will eat ANYTHING.  Seriously.  This has always been something he's been good at and, knock on wood, he still is a great eater and will eat anything you put in front of him.  He loves condiments and dips -- so he prefers to have something to dip his food into, you know, like grapes in ketchup...or pineapple in ranch.  He frequently will split anchovy pizza (gross) with Mike among other things. 
  • Since he's older now he definitely understands more, especially in regards to his behavior.  Yes, he still is territorial of his toys and if someone else is playing with them, and yes, he gets angry and upset easily when he doesn't get his way, but he's able to be actually talked to and reasoned with (a bit!) about why things are the way they are.  He's getting better about taking turns and sharing too, which is awesome.
  • Still sucks his thumb but usually only when he's holding his "monkey" as he calls it (or nappy, as Mike and I call it -- it's his beloved prefold cloth diaper that he likes to snuggle with for bed/nap and in the car).  We've been better about only letting him having it during nap or bedtime and in the car so he's not too attached to it, and he's actually been pretty good about it!  He will cry out for it if he's upset or hurt, and it usually brings instant calm when he does get it.  Fortunately, even though we went through a little spell of where he'd only want his "picture monkey" (a nappy my mom ironed pictures of us onto), now he's back to liking any and all of his nappies he can get his little paws on.

Well, that's about all of the fun facts and riveting information I have for Patrick at 2.5 years old!  I actually kind of like looking back at these little milestone posts because it's fun to see where he was and how much he has grown since the last time I did a post for if you're curious as to where he was 6 months and a year ago, check out the posts below!  My little man is growing up so fast!

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