Taking Stock

I realized, after seeing my buddy Tiff's Taking Stock post earlier this week that I hadn't done one in a couple months...so!  Here I am to remedy that!  I love love LOVE these posts (and love reading others too when they do them), because, as I've said in the past, it forces me to reflect on the here and now and makes me put things into perspective, which sometimes I need reminders to do :)  Anyways, enjoy this rainy Taking Stock afternoon post!

Making: First birthday stats (shameless self-pitch: you can check them out and even order one at my etsy shop here) for a high school friend's kiddo...it's baseball scoreboard themed and I think it's flippin' adorable.

Cooking: Nada!  The boys leave for Florida Thursday so we have dinner plans this evening with our buddies the Polans and tomorrow we have a big family dinner, so not much is being cooked until we get back from Florida after Thanksgiving!

Drinking: Water like it's no one's business, as has been my jam for the past 7+ months (thank you breastfeeding!)...nothing else ever really sounds good (minus a cookies and cream shake every now and again, or a cherry pepsi with pizza), so water water and more water is being consumed by yours truly.

Reading: This site -- and DYINGGGG.  Someone posted it on a police wives group I'm in last night and holy cow, it is awful...and amazing.  I've had a giggle over the descriptions I've read.  And I'm not laughing at cheating, cause that's not funny for anyone, but more so the pics and the words chosen to describe said cheating.  They're pretty funny. 

Wanting: This dream blanket.  And these name rings.  And this Tula (like REAL BAD).  That's basically my Christmas list, so Mike, if you're reading (haha, yeah right), that's what I want.  Hehehe.

Looking: At the condo we'll be staying in this weekend in Florida and OMG I cannot wait to get there like NOW!  This is going to be such a fun vacay with both kiddos that I am literally about to jump out of my skin with excitement!!  EEKKKK!

Playing: ^^^ that song over and over again.  I don't even watch the Voice, but it was on last night when I was doing some Photoshopping and that song came on by that guy (who I now know is Jordan Smith) and OMG.  It is so good.  He took a traditional 'church' song and made it modern and raw and just awesome.  LOVE IT.

Wishing: These next 3 days of school would flyyyyy by so we can head out to Florida!  Mike, Patrick, my aunt Kate, and my dad are driving down Thursday, my mom, Rosie, and I are flying down after school on Friday evening.  I.can't.wait.

Enjoying: All of the wonderful picture-taking I've gotten to do this fall!  Some of my favorite shoots have happened and I feel like with each shoot I get better and better at what I'm doing.  Cannot wait to offer some mini sessions in the spring and book another couple weddings!

Loving: ^^^ This.  They are becoming the bestest of friends and Patrick is always wondering where his Ro Ro is and always has to have a hand on her at all times.  He's the best big brother EVER and I cannot wait to see their relationship grow even more.

Pondering: How Miss Rosie is going to do on her first airplane ride...we have a connecting flight too, so she's actually gonna get to go on TWO different planes.  Hoping leaving late around her bedtime will mean she'll just siesta the entire time...but I'll be quick to pop a boob in her mouth if she gets fussy.

Considering: How lucky we are to live in the country we do, especially with all of the turmoil going on in the world right now.  Despite our own problems here in the US (don't even get me started on our maternity leave), we are very lucky and blessed to live in so much freedom.  I'm very thankful for that every single day.

Watching: Ellen!  Hoping one day she'll see my buddy Robyn's awesomeness which is Tinysuperheroes...or Patrick vs. the Goat video I put on EllenTube a while back.  Fingers crossed.

Needing: To finish packing!  Um, holy stressful having to pack up everything for your trip and send it on its way TWO DAYS before you leave!  Talk about pre-planning and organizational skills that need to be on point! 

Wearing: My uniform: yoga pants and a nursing tank, #alldayeverday.  I shed my work attire almost instantaneously when I walk in the door and put those clothes on every.single.day.  I will have to get dressed here in a bit because we have dinner plans at Chick Fil'A with our buddies the Polans.

Following: A few new blogs, Nashville Wife being one of them, since my beloved Camp Patton seems to be no more.  The Nashville Wife one I have mixed feelings about and would love an actual sit-down Q & A with her about a few things regarding blogging, the biggest being cleaning up her atrociously-boring and ad-ridden blog/broken images blog.  But that's a rant for another day.

Noticing: How seriously and politically-heavy Facebook has become.  I feel like for every cute baby/dog/family picture there are 10 posts about people ranting about some news item or what not.  I get social media is a forum for you to put out there whatever you want, but sheesh, I almost hate looking at my facebook feed because of it...which is probably why I love Instagram oh-so-much.

Feeling: Alllllll the feelings lately.  Patrick is turning into such a little dude (and we're actually able to understand him more and more) and Rosie is creeping wayyyy too fast out of babyness and into toddlerhood.  GAHHHHHH!  I mean, I love seeing my kiddos grow up, but I do miss their little itty bitty baby selves as well.

Admiring: How much stuff we have to take to Florida.  HOLY BATMAN.  And I promise I'm not overpacking either...but boy, we have a LOT of stuff we have to take!  Please say a prayer it fits in Mike's car...I really thought we'd have a van to take down there by then but our house in the city stillllll hasn't sold--so maybe say a prayer that sells too!

Sorting: Summer clothes!  So I had to buy some shorts and shirts for both Patrick and Rosie because they're both a size bigger than they were this summer yet I only have winter clothes in their current size...so, more stuff was to be purchased!  I only got a few things because I'm sure they'll be in a bigger size next summer.  Ha.

Buying: A few last minute trip purchases...Patrick got a much needed, as I deduced, pair of toddler headphones for the car, and Rosie got a few accessories (toys) to put on her portable GoPod for the beach.  I also had to break down and buy two boxes of disposable diapers for our trip and HOLY EXPENSIVE.  $50 for 2 boxes!  HOW DO PEOPLE STOMACH DOING THIS ALL THE TIME?!!  Thank you cloth, I love you so.

Getting: So So SOOOOOOO excited for our trip.  My mom just send us our reservation confirmation with pictures of where we're staying and I can't flippin' wait.  I'm sure I'm going to be overgramming and posting wayyyyy more than usual, so get ready. 

Bookmarking: A few crock pot recipes to try when we get back.  I made this lasagna recipe (substituted the veggies for ground beef, YUM) a while back and it was a HIT!  So I'm looking for other ones that are easy to make when we get back from vacay.  I'll probably make that lasagna one again cause it was so good last time!

Disliking: All of the world's violence and blame-games and finger pointings.  I'm so sick, as I said earlier, of my social media feeds clogged by hate and blaming people for not speaking up or what not and it's depressing.  I think I'll post some more pics of the kids and Scooter to drown out this awfulness.

Feeling: Refreshed after getting to sleep in until 8:15am today (thank you late start!) after the whirlwind of a crazy busy exciting wedding weekend.  I actually feel like I've "caught up" on sleep and ready to tackle these next couple days packing and prepping for our trip before the boys set out at 4am Thursday morning.

Snacking: OMG.  My two favorite holiday treats are back: Cadbury mini eggs (but Christmas themed!!) and milk chocolate oranges.  Trying to limit myself in how much I consume them cause I still have some bebe weight to drop and I surely don't need to be adding it in the other direction.  Haha.

Coveting: Family time, as always.  So looking forward to 9 days of uninterrupted family time away from work and the craziness of life here and just getting to soak in our vacation with my most favorite people in the entire world.  I cannot wait to see the kiddos' faces at the beach (again, for Patrick!) and make fantastic memories there.  

Wishing: Rosie's 1st year of life wouldn't be zooming by so fast!  I swear, I blink and she's 20 weeks away from turning 1...less than 5 months! AHHHH!  It's going wayyyyy too fast.  Fortunately she's a lazy little thing and hasn't started moving yet, so I'm still spoiled by her babyness of just sitting there.

Helping: Myself to another slice of chocolate oranges and savoring their sweet sweet flavor.  Gosh, these are so good.  And I think they'd be even better frozen in the freezer... {{runs off to stash the last part in there}}

Hearing: The burritos start to stir from their naps and me needing to wrap up this post, get them up, changed, and dressed, and meet our friends at Chick Fil'A.  Wow.  This Taking Stock post went fastttttt!  Haha!

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