Jet Setting

WOWZA.  What a crazy past 24 hours!  Lots of exciting things happened for the Mooney clan, the biggest being the boys made it safely (via car) to Florida, and Rosie survived her first (well, first 2!) plane rides!

I got these two pics from my aunt Kate right as we (my mom, Rosie, and I) were heading out to the airport yesterday, and they made me giddy with excitement to get there!  We'd been planning this south Florida vacay with my parents and my aunt Kate for almost a year -- we're spending 5 days at West Palm Beach, and then heading over to Naples (where we spent New Years last year) to hang with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and his fiancee.  Needless to say, the stars aligned, I was able to get off work Monday and Tuesday, Mike was able to take his vacation, and our coordinating flying/driving efforts synced and we were successfully able to make it work! --Well, work 'thus far' I should say...we're only a day in!  Haha!

Anyways, much like I did last year when we went to Florida, I'm trying to snap and share as many pics as possible and do a little bloggity-blogging every day or two documenting our adventures.  Riveting, I know!  --I kinda feel a wittle bad sharing so much seeing as the weather is yucky and miserable back home (freezing rain and snow! ICKK!) and we're basking in the sun down here.  I'll try and suppress my big smile at that.

Anywayssss, where was I?!  Oh, right!  The jet setting trip down to Florida!  So Patrick was a rockstar on the 20ish (give or take) hour road trip.  Seriously, I mean, I wasn't there, so unless they just lied to me, he did amazingly well.  Thank the good Lord for the iPad, cause that kept him entertained for the whole journey.  Hoping when we all drive back together we have the same luck with his behavior as we did on the way down.  Fingers crossed.

So Ro Ro, my mom, and I flew down after I got off work yesterday and I was a tad nervous how Rosie would do on the flight.  I mean, she's happy as a clam most of the time, but ALL FOUR top teeth have poked through and she's been a little fussy gussy come evening time lately.  Ick.

Thank God for the Tula.  It kept her happy and calm at the airport and on the plane, and she was able to eat without anyone knowing it!  Win win!!

This is basically how she was for both flights -- happy and giggly and making cute cooing noises.

She did LOOOOOVE looking out the window on take off and landing, and then also liked watching Baby Einsein during the flight as well.  Such a happy little baby she was!

Notice me in the background in this pic?!  Yep, I didn't take it!  --the fella in the blue and white plaid shirt did and after he snapped it and sent it to his girlfriend he apologized left and right up and down about taking a pic of my kid before asking.  Dude, if you only knew.  Haha--I told him it was fine and if I didn't want him to take it I would have said something.  I then taught him how to air drop the picture to me (mind blown on his end) and he told us about all of the places to hit up in West Palm Beach since he's a local there.

Oh, I should mention we got in at midnight local time (11pm our time) and someone only took about a 20 minute catnap and that was it!  WHATTT?!!  Crazy!  But she did fall asleep pretty fast after we got to the condo (where everyone else was snoozing already) and slept till almost 9am today.  WOOT.

After we got up this morning and had breakfast and some balcony/train time, we headed to the beach (then the pool when the sand fun effect wore off).  Patrick was so excited to see him Ro Ro (and I guess me, of course) he was running around like crazy.  It was so cute.  He was being so good and just so excited to be in Florida, which he kept reminding us is where he was.

Rosie looking like a little fashionista before we headed to the beach, where I, shocking (j/k) snapped a zillion pics with my big camera ANDDDD my GoPro.  Oops.  Sorry for the oversharing...but for my loyal 6 readers I'm sure you are enjoying this, right?!  Right (#gonnakeeptellingmyselfthat).

Um, yeah, the beach was  Rosie tolerated it and only ate about 5 handfuls of sand before she waved her white flag and demanded some food and a little siesta.  Okay then.

After I fed her my mom came and rocked her to sleep so I could join everyone else in the water.  OMG.  What fun that was!  And whoever invented Puddle Jumpers is the smartest person ever cause they are just amazing for my 2.5 year old hurricane.

Patrick had a blast playing in the waves and jumping through them.  After probably an hour out in the ocean he wanted to go to the pool, so his request was our demand and off we went!

Rosie woke up from her nap at this time and boy, she was a different little lady than before!  So happy and laughing and was alllll about swimming in the pool...after a few diva snaps of her.

Okay, the video below is one I took of Patrick going down the water slide at the pool...

Awesome, right?!  Right.  The better video is this next one (only a minute!  Promise!) that Patrick insisted he take sliding down the slide!  Ohh emm gee, so funny and cute, right?!  TOTALLY.

How great was that?!!  Totally awesome.  He's so insistent lately on holding the camera that I usually will flip it onto video mode and let him have at it.  He captures some good stuff I think :)

And here's one more "from Patrick's point of view" video of him jumping off the side over and over and over again.

We then headed back to the condo and had lunch and I fed Rosie and put her down for a nap.  Fortunately she went right down and I brought my mom's baby monitor camera to keep an eye on her in the other room while I sat and blogged...and watched the little boy who said he wasn't tired slowly drop his trains and iPad and have this happen:

I'm sure there will be a'many more posts to come this next week...but I was too anxious to even wait for today to end to share some pics and stories from our travels and first day here!

It has been soooo much fun and soooo relaxing (really, truly, honestly, even with 2 kids!!) thus far that I have high hopes for that to continue the rest of the week.  Stay know I'll be the first to update you here :)

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