12 weeks.

Aren't you thrilled?!!  It's my weekly documenting the bump series back at ya before #3 arrives!  Exciting, isn't it?!  I swear I cannot seem to get too long of a break from weekly documentation -- I did 39+ weeks with Rosie, then 52 weeks when she was born, now after a couple months break I'm back to weekly documenting #3's growth.  Riveting stuff, eh?!

Anyways, so!  12 weeks!  One week until the second trimester (which I am standing firm starts at week 13, despite what some pregnancy week-by-week trackers argue starts at week 14.  Whatever.) and I am going to welcome it with open arms.  I've still been feeling not so great (but definitely better than I did on the cruise or during weeks 5-9, so yay for that), but I'm hoping the better feeling in the evenings I've been experiencing continue to spread their wings into the mornings, which are still my icky part of my day.

A little comparison snap for you...almost 12 weeks with Ro on the left, just about 11.5 weeks with #3 on the right.  I am most definitely bigger!  And I believe I'm about 5-8 pounds lighter than I was at this point with Rosie...which is crazy because I'm down over TWENTY pounds since I found out I was pregnant like 9 weeks ago.  I am so curious already how big #3 is going to be.  I'm saying it now: I will be shocked if he/she is under 9 pounds!  

That's about all for this week...nothing too exciting.  I go back to my OB tomorrow for a nice little checkup and to hear the baby's heartbeat, so that's exciting.  I can't believe I only then have ONE more appointment (16 weeks) before my 20 week ultrasound!  Um, that will probably be here before I know it!  Until week 13, adios friends!

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