Rosie at 15 Months

Pure sass, amiright?!!  I can't handle her sometimes!!!!  Oh Rosie girl, I love you so much!!

Ahhhhh, you thought Rosie's 12 month post was gonna be the last of these, didn't you?!!  Well friends, you're in for a treat: I've got another installment for you in Rosie's continuing growth saga.  I did the same with Patrick at 15, 18, and 24 months and I'll probably do the same with Ro to keep it consistent.  Plus they have checkups at those monthly intervals so it is just easier to remember to bloggity blog a post that goes along with this lovely stats pic:

Ro had her checkup at the doc for being 15 months old and it went super duper well!  She actually turned 15 months yesterday but I decided to wait and publish this post after we went to the OCD was going a wittle crazy with that not but it's okay.  I'm coping :)

She's chubby and short -- my kinda gal.  The doc was super impressed with her growth, eating, and drinking...and said they don't worry about not walking until 18 months.  She said she's probably on the verge of trusting herself and letting go and doing it on her own, and probably will soon!  So fingers crossed she starts moving in the next 3 months so we don't have to go down any therapy roads :)  I think she's just lazy and stubborn and likes to crawl.  She's such a diva.

Along with those fun doctor stats, I thought I'd give some other stats about miss Rosie at 15 months old.  I've linked Patrick's 15 month old post at the end of this blog if you want to go back and compare -- I mean, that's what I did immediately when I started writing this here post, cause, I can't stop kid-comparing. EVER.

  • Rosie weighs 27 pounds and 4 ounces and is 30.5 inches tall.  She is in all 2T and some 3T clothing items.  She's a chunk!  Having her huge fluffy booty adds some size to her figure, but gahhh, those legs of hers speak for themselves!  They are chunky and delicious!
  • She is pulling up on almost everything and will walk behind her walker (or if she's feeling like it holding our hands), but has yet to free stand up by herself unsupported or take any steps.  I actually am kinda shocked, I thought she'd be walking by now!  But whatevs, you do you Rosie girl and do it on your own time.  It's just funny too look at Patrick at 15 months compared to Rosie and how different they are!
  • Girlfriend stopped nursing a week or two ago and I'm actually okay with it.  Something snapped one day and she was just like NOPE NOPE NOPE no more.  We made it to almost 15 months with that and I'm happy about it!  But I'm also happy to have my body and time back.
  • Rosie drinks 2% milk now and prefers it chilled in her sippy cup.  She can toss back milk and water as good as anyone!
  • She is obsessed with animals -- specifically dogs -- and whenever she sees one (in person or on TV) she waves frantically at it.  She is a great waver and loves to wave at everyone, but dogs especially.  If you just say Scooter's name she goes crazy waving.  Scooter really is her absolute favorite and she loves that dog oh-so-much.
  • Swimming is hit or miss -- sometimes she loves it sometimes she wants out and just wants to be held.  She's a finnicky one she is!
  • Doesn't say too much but is a master at 'uh-oh' and whining (that counts, right?!!).  I think she'll say dada and mama when she wants to and babbles a ton in a language I don't speak but other than that she's not saying much...and that's totally fine.
  • LOVES to snuggle and give hugs.  She loves to be held and cuddled and is definitely a clingy little thing!  I can't complain though; this is something Patrick never did and it's kinda nice to have a kid that does this now!  I'll take any extra snuggles I can get!
  • Knows her name and understands things -- like when we tell her to say "bye bye" she immediately waves at whoever needs to be said goodbye to.  She doesn't say too many words -- I *think* we've heard her say mama and dada but that's about it...oh and uh-oh which has been a staple word of hers for quite some time now.  Patrick was a dude of few words (and now won't shut up!) so I'm sure Rosie's time is coming too.
  • Has 12 teeth -- her molars came in right at a year and are ALLLLL the way through and she uses those to chomp down on everything!  Minus avocados I don't think there's a food she's met that she doesn't like.  I bet her fangs will be coming in soon too.
  • Very much a thumb-sucker, and goes back and forth between her left and right thumb, which is quite impressive.  Unlike her brother, she doesn't need an object to trigger thumb sucking; she'll just do it on her own whenever she's tired or nervous or needs comforting.
  • Speaking of food, she will eat anything.  Seriously.  You put it in front of her and gobble-up it goes.  She can throw back some serious food intake and it even leaves me speechless by how much she consumes.  She gives Patrick a run for his money most days.
  • WHINER.  I mean, I don't think this is a positive stat, but sheesh: girlfriend can turn on (and subsequently turn off) the whining and crying at the drop of a hat!  We joke that she's a diva but it really isn't a joke: she really is!  Most of the time she's giggly and sweet as pie, but occasionally she's a whiney demon that can't be tamed unless she's being held.
  • So sweet and so cuddly.  So much different than her big brother!   But I love it -- she loves to snuggle and so do I; the way she wraps her arms around you for a hug just makes you melt!!!  It's the very best.

I thought I'd leave you with this little doctor's office dancin' gem...I could watch it all day!  She is such a sassy diva!

Okie dokie, that's about all I've got for Ro at 15 months old!  Riveting, wasn't it?!  Until 18 months my sweet little pea, I love you so much Ro-boat!

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