Fourth of July Fun

Whew!  I am still pooped from Grier's visit last week and I feel like I'm playing catch up!  Haha!  I know, I know, it's summer and I'm not working, but dang nabit, I'm still busy!  Photoshoots and kiddos and packing for our Alaskan cruise next week, which, side note, I am SUPER excited about.  I am going to miss the kiddos like crazy but I cannot wait to go on a vacay with JUST Mike and I!

This year the 4th of July was kinda meh, and it was for a few reasons.  First, Mike was working so that sucked -- I was tentatively planning on taking both kids to the fireworks but that didn't happen -- more on that later.  Secondly, the weather was craptastic all weekend -- rain and chilly!  Like high 60s!  In July!  WHAT.THE.HECK.

Ro and I went to Tarjay earlier this weekend and she showed off her new trick which I can't stop watching and laughing.  So funny.

I've started putting Ro in shoes to try and incentivize her to walk (no dice on that yet..she'll be 15 months old tomorrow!!), but dang, do they make her look old or what!!  These Saltwater Sandals are my new favorite and I may have to get her a few other pairs whenever she does start walking so I'll be so excited she's finally FINALLY moving.  Haha.  I am ready.

It was raining, Ro got a new June & January dress in the mail, I was bored, and BAM.  ^^That happened.  I think I need to frame it for the bathroom, cause Scooter is just the perfect pooch for bath duty, isn't he?!  Hehehe.

Patrick actually went to Kate's lake on the 3rd and got back on the 4th so he could partake in their fireworks and parade they have down there.  To say he had fun was an understatement: he had a freaking blast.  That's all he talked about when he got home and the fireworks were most definitely his most favorite part.  I do feel bad that we couldn't go last night too, but I'm so glad he was able to see some at KiKi's lake.

Ro was lookin' fancy in her 4th of July outfit, complete with the first tutu she's ever owned and worn!  It was a birthday gift for her and it was just the cutest thing to compliment her 4th outfit.

We went to a BBQ birthday party for my sister in law's dad last night and the kids had a bunch of fun, Patrick especially.  He loved hanging with his cousin Lizzy and running around like crazy in their yard.  He sweated his little tail off and had so much fun.  We were hopefully going to try and stay there to watch the fireworks, but about 8pm Rosie wasn't having it so I waved my white flag and we headed home for bed instead.  If Mike was home we could have maybe managed it, but having one cranky kid by myself was just too much for me to handle (plus I wasn't feeling the greatest) so we went home...where both kids promptly fell asleep 2 seconds after hitting the sheets.

Out like a light!  Tattoos and all.  Kirkwood usually does fireworks around New Years, so hopefully Patrick will get to see those then since he loves them so much and hopefully Ro will be less of a drama llama and be able to stay up later for them.  Fingers crossed!

Oh!  Before the kiddos took baths and went to bed I snapped a few pics of them together and my mama heart is exploding!  The way they love each other just slays me and I cannot get over how cute it is.

And then this side by side gem of last year and this -- gosh, again, heart exploding!  I cannot wait to see what they look like a year from now!

This was Patrick's FOURTH 4th (WHAT?!!  Already?!!) so I had to whip up this cute little collage to commemorate.  Gosh, it's going sooooo fast!

Today we were lazy -- it's humid and hot again, Mike's on days, so the kids and I made a mad dash to the grocery store, Patrick picked out some blackberries which he begged for more with his lunch (#momwin) and then everyone took siestas while I did the laundry, dishes, and started packing.  Whew!  I'm pooped again!  Haha!  But yeah, not much else exciting going on 'round these parts...I'm just trying to savor the days of summer before August 1st hits and I have to go back to work.  Hopefully they'll go nice and slow for me! :)

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