Weeks 3 - 11

So you're probably reading this wayyyyyy after May 31st, 2016, but just like I did with Ro's pregnancy, I have decided to go ahead and do the same this with this pregnancy!  Exciting, isn't it?!  Honestly blogging and documenting these things is kind of therapeutic, so feel free to bypass this entire post if bump documenting isn't your thing.


May 31st, 2016: 3 weeks, 3 days

Okay, lemme take you through this entirely unexpected day, because unlike my past two pregnancies, I wasn't really expecting this one then and now.  I mean, we had said a month or so ago 'game on' for #3, and we were going to prevent anything, but weren't going to actively try either.  Whatever happens, happens.  I am still nursing/pumping so I figured it'd take me a bit to get pregnant (WRONG).

Anyways, so early this morning I was awoken by a phone call at 12:30am that one of my birth mamas was in labor...so, I got dressed, raced to the hospital, and captured THIS incredible birth.  Well, I got home after 4am, fell asleep again a little before 5am, and by 8am I was awoken by my lovely children.  Fortunately I didn't have to work (well, I did...finalize my grades, but I could do that at home) so we could be bums all day.  Well, when I woke up I felt like complete crap.  I figured it was cause I got like 3 hours of sleep, but yeah, I was pooped.  I was super nauseous and just didn't feel right, but again chalked it up to not much sleep.

Well, as I was attempting to sort through the birth snaps and feed both kids, it hit me: maybe I'm pregnant.  I shook it off, cause it was 5 or 6 days before my period was due and that was wayyyyy too early -- I found out only 3 days early with Patrick and a day late with Ro.  I doubt that was it.  But I figured I'd convince my inner-self that I wasn't and took a cheapo pregnancy test strip I had.

Ummmm, that's a wittle faint line, isn't it?!  Yeah, I was like WHAT THE WHAT?!  And immediately threw that sucker in a negative app and...

YUP.  Line.  Holy cats.  My eggo is preggo.  I was in shock.  This was at 10am, Mike was at work, and I completely put aside everything else and started mildly freaking out.  Then counting...February.  This kid will be due in early February.  Well, that's good timing...I may have to go back to school for a few weeks but then I'll have all summer with all three kids and not have to go back till this new kid is almost 6 months old.  This will be great.  I am excited!  Okay, wait...I should take another test...cause, you know, sometimes they're wrong.

Eight.more.tests.  Ummmm, ALL POSITIVE.  Even the less sensitive digital and cheap ones.  All had either a faint or dark positive.  I was in shock.  And wow, 5-6 days before my period was suppose to show.  That's a really strong positive.

So, I called my OB to schedule my first prenatal appointment...which their protocol is to have a nurse call me back later in the day to get a history and then go from there.  Okay then.

I then decided I'd wait to tell Mike (for the last two I called him at work (for Patrick) and woke him up (for Rosie) because I was so excited).  I figured I could come up with a cute and fun way to tell him.  I thought I remember seeing some "Big Brother/Big Sister" shirts at Carters, so off we went.  I thought I'd put them in those for nap and have him get them up when he got home at 3pm and be like WHATTTT IS GOING ON?!!  And then I could show him my arsenal of pregnancy tests I took because I'm crazy like that and needed 8 pieces of reassurance to convince me that I was indeed pregnant.

After a successful trip to Carters and spending a whopping $7 on two shirts (yay clearance) and indulging in Chickfila for lunchies, I tossed the kiddos in their new shirts and snapped a few pics...cause I figured I could also send those to Mike too if he didn't get the hint when the kids got up.

Well, just as I laid the kids down and got to responding to a zillion emails from work and started editing my birth snaps and the nurse from my OB's office calls.  She asks a few basic questions and was like, "Wait.  Your last period was on May 7th and you got a strong positive today?!"  I then explained yes, I got 8 strong positives, 2 of those being digital.  She told me, "You need to come in now for bloodwork because that is very uncommon to get a strong positive that early."

This was at 1:30pm.  Mike was due home at 3pm...and I needed to go in now.  So I fabricated a little white lie to my mother in law to get her to come over and sit with the kids while I went and "picked up a prescription that couldn't be called in."  She didn't question it.  I did, however, before she got to my house race in and rip the kids shirts off of them while they were sleeping cause I didn't want to chance either of them waking up while I was gone and her seeing their shirts.  Smart thinking, huh?!

At this point I decided I had to tell Mike; I couldn't wait for him to come home...so I did the modern way to tell your spouse you're preggo:

Nice, huh?!!  And my next text was a picture of all of my tests...then he called.  I explained to him everything I just typed out above and he was excited and thrilled and all of that good stuff a dad is when he finds out a kid is coming.

When I got to my OB I had to wait a bit and of course I turned to Dr. Google as to why I'd need a blood test this early if I clearly was pregnant and everything seemed to point me at: MULTIPLES.  Uhhhh, what?!!  Apparently with multiples you produce HCG, the pregnancy hormone detectable in your urine and blood double as fast as you do with a singleton.  It's not always the case why levels are so high, but a lot of times it is.

So I got my blood drawn, and the nurse told me she or my OB would call me tomorrow with my results, and then I'd need to comeback for another check Thursday afternoon, and they'd call me Friday with my results.

So here I sit...it's almost 9pm on Tuesday, May 31st and I've found out today our family is growing once again in 2017.  I thought I'd snap a real-quick-day-I-found-out-mirror-selfie of my "bump" which is clearly my mom-pooch that is leftover from the first two kids, but whatever...cause #referencepoint.  I am a bit anxious as to if there's one or more burritos growing inside me, so time will only tell and I can speculate and be anxious all I want until I find out!

I'm sure I'll revisit this 'online diary' in the next few days to give you an update...even though you're reading this well past this date and already know the outcome.  But!  Humor me folks!

June 1st, 2016: 3 weeks, 4 days

I should add that I'm *hopefully* not going to do daily (the horror! so boring! I know! I'm sorry!) updates, but I feel like I want to adequately document these early days to be able to look back on and what not...and I know there are inquiring minds out there that love a good bump story documentation, so, here ya go!

Okie dokie: woke up today feeling SUPER nauseous.  Like dry-heaved twice and it was so SO bad.  I remember feeling like this with Ro, but thanks to my super documentation of her pregnancy I didn't feel this icky until 6 weeks...and I'm not even 4 weeks with this kid yet!  And I didn't start documenting my bump until 5 weeks with Ro, so I don't have any early reference points yet...other than I remember feeling fine but a wittle tired.

I had to work today, and I chugged 4 1-liter bottles of water (and then had to pee 952 times) and I did feel better by lunch time.  I would get random waves of nausea here and there the rest of the day, but nothing like the morning.  True morning sickness I guess.

My OB's nurse called this morning and gave me my HCG test results: 22...which is a very very early pregnancy; however, it's still kinda a high number for only being 3w3d when I was tested.  I go back for a redraw tomorrow to make sure my numbers are going up...but I went ahead and took a couple more tests when I got home today...

Top ones were from yesterday, bottom from today.  Definitely darker lines on both!  Which means that my HCG levels are getting higher.  Hopefully they'll be even higher tomorrow and everything will be good to go and I'll just get to wait another 3.5 weeks until my first OB appointment!  I'm sure those'll be the longer 3.5 weeks ever!  Haha!

Phew, so I definitely think, even just 2 days into finding out that this baby is cookin' and growin'.  I'm trying to enjoy every aspect of #3's pregnancy, albeit early and even sickie feeling, because I never know if this might be my last pregnancy, and, in all honesty, I really like being pregnant!

Oh, and I figured out a new bump location for my weekly bump growth snaps for this pregnancy and I'm pretty freaking excited about the place I found...so stay tuned for the start of those with 4 weeks.  Excited, aren't you?!!

June 3rd, 2016: 3 weeks, 6 days

Okie dokie, my last little sub-update for week 3.  The remainder of my updates will be weekly ones...but I felt like this first week was such a whirlwind and what not I'd go ahead and break it up into a few riveting posts.

So my OB's nurse called back today and left a message, saying my repeat HCG blood work from Thursday came back "increasing...um, very well."  Then she said if I needed anything or had questions to call but she'd call back early next week to schedule my first appointment and ultrasound.  I decided to go on my OB's office app that stores all of my labs and such to see what my numbers actually were from my blood work.  Well, they QUADRUPLED from Tuesday. HOLE-LEE-COW.  Seriously, HCG levels usually double every 48-72 hours...well, mine in less than 48 hours tripled.  So, yeah, that's exciting...and probably explains why I've been feeling so full-on crappy: nauseous, fatigued, and overall craptastic.  BUT!  I keep reminding myself it's for a good reason, and feeling crappy early on is a good sign that something is growing...which, could be more than one?!  We will know if a few shorts weeks once I have my ultrasound!  Of course Dr. Google says that rapidly increasing HCG levels + intense and early symptoms can be an indicator of multiples...but they also can just be a singleton growing bebe!

We went ahead and told our parents last night...they both were so excited.  We had the kids wear their "big brother/sister" shirts over to their houses, and it was so great seeing their reactions and excitement and overall elation for adding another grandkid to the mix!  This'll be grandkid #3 for my parents, and #4 for Mike's!  So much to look forward to in 2017!

That's really about all that happened today to wrap up week 3.  It's been a whirlwind of a week and I'm so much looking forward to relaxing tomorrow with Mike home and zero photoshoots scheduled (a rare Saturday for me!) and enjoying this teeny tiny new life growing inside of me.

June 4th, 2016

Okay, so indecisive over here can't figure out which weekly pic to use: the fruit comparison one or just the weeks...so, until I do, I'm doing both. #dealwithit.  Also!  How cool is my background?!!  That's our basement bathroom and it has the COOLEST fuzzy felt wallpaper, so I though it would be perfect for this pregnancy's weekly snaps.

So!  Onto other things: as you've read above, I've been feeling crappy.  Today was the worst day thus far.  I was this.close. to going back to bed at 10am after I'd been up since 6:30am thinking I was gonna puke all over.  No fun at all.  But, again, reminding myself this is reason to feel so tired and crappy, and that hopefully a little babe is growing big and strong.

We've told our families and almost all of our siblings, as well as a few friends.  I don't care that people know early, I just want to be the one to tell them...like when we're ready we'll post on Facebook...don't steal my thunder!! Because if something were to happen, I'd be very open about it and want the support from people too, which is one of the reasons we tell friends and family so early is because we like the good vibes coming our way for a healthy and growing little bebe!

That's about all I've got for 4 weeks.  Riveting, isn't it?!  My OB should be calling early next week to set up my first appointment and ultrasound, which will be sometime around 7 weeks.  I am excited and anxious and trying to enjoy every aspect of this pregnancy, however early!

June 11th, 2016

When I was pregnant with Ro I started blogging at 5 weeks, because I found out I was pregnant after 4 weeks.  Since I found out so early with this one, I feel like it's already been FOREVER since I found out and I'm only 5 weeks along!  Crazy, huh?!  I'm sure soon I'll feel like this pregnancy is flying by just like Ro's did, but for now it is creeeeeeeepin' along.

So nausea is still there, but definitely not as bad.  I got a prescription for Zofran for emergencies (haven't taken it yet! WOOT!) and have been taking B6 + Unisom to qualm the daily nausea and that seems to be helping.  However, I still do feel most nauseous in the morning (duh. 'morning' sickness!) and it seems to fizzle out during the day.  But there are some things (smells) that can set me off in no time and then I think a food item sounds good then NOPE.  Not a good idea at all.

I did make my first ultrasound appointment (June 27th!) and then first OB appointment (June 30th!) -- no clue why they're not on the same day...the last 2 times they were.  Whatevs.  Hopefully everything will go well on the 27th and it won't be 4 agonizingly long days until the 30th until I meet with my OB.

Other than that, nothing else really exciting happened this week.  We've told all of our family and some close friends, and I'm sure I'm going to pop out even faster than I did last time...so not sure how long I"m going to be able to hide it for.  We head to Florida for a family vacation next week, so I'm hoping the 12+ hour van ride down there and back bode well for me!

Oh, and I thought this was pretty funny ^^^.  Ro clearly is super excited about being promoted to a big sister.  Hahahaha!

June 18th, 2016

What a rollercoaster this week has been!  At the end of last week I was actually feeling pretty good and questioning if the morning sickness/nausea was going to be short lived and was going to be on its way out but nope nope nope, it came back with a vengeance and Tuesday this week was the worst I have ever felt.  I literally had to pull over at my parents' house on our way to Target to run to the bathroom.  Just horrible!  But then after a quick nap on Tuesday I felt better to go to the Cardinals game and then Wednesday felt overall pretty good.  WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER!  I mean, I have no doubt in my mind that something is growing in there...I'm just getting more and more anxious for my ultrasound on the 27th!

Today I woke up before 5am and have felt like I am gonna barf all morning long.  I keep telling Patrick, "Mommy doesn't feel good." And he says, "Cause you got a baby in your belly?"  Yeah buddy, that's exactly why.  Of course today is jam-packed with taking Scooter to Pooches in the Ballpark and then off to my friend's wedding before we leave super early tomorrow morning.  I caved and took a Zofran this morning and am hoping it kicks in soon for some relief cause I really feel AWFUL.  Which again, rollercoaster -- because yesterday I felt pretty good.  Gah!  First trimester is like a 3 month hangover.

We leave for Florida bright and flippin' early tomorrow morning and I'm excited about that little family vacay with our Mooney clan and really REALLY hoping that my nausea stays at bay and isn't terrible in our 12+ hour car ride both ways too.  But by the time you're reading this I'm sure I'll have already posted a'many pictures and blog posts recapping that trip.

June 25th, 2016

WOOT!  7 weeks!  First off, I should add that we spent THE ENTIRE DAY today driving back from vacay in Panama City Beach and I.am.spent.  BUT!  Things to look forward to: my ultrasound is bright and early Monday morning and I cannot be more excited about it.  I am so anxious to hear that heartbeat and know how many little Mooneys are in there.  I mean, I keep having these twin dreams so I have not put it out of my mind that there might be more than one in there.  Whatever there is I'll be happy -- I just want to see and hear that heartbeat thumpin' away!

Okay, so this week was again a rollercoaster, much like last week.  When we left early Sunday morning I had to pop a Zofran immediately because I felt so sick.  Monday I woke up and actually felt pretty good but then I got more nauseous as the day went on (could have been a bit dehydrated too from beachin' it all day long) but who knows.  Thursday and Friday were some of the worst days I've ever felt -- so so so sick feeling like I'm going to puke plus extra tired from being in the sun all week long...ugh.  It.was.awful.  I definitely popped a few Zofran to help keep that at bay.  Anyways, such a rollercoaster week again!  I'm trying to remind myself that feeling this crappy is a good sign of a growing baby, but ehhhh, it really is the worst.

I swear I've popped out this past week.  I literally cannot suck in my tummy anymore and I know my past 2 pregnancy-muscle-memory is in full effect because I totally look like I've got a wittle babe growing in my belly!  Even on vacation this week someone asked how far along I was and was shocked when I said "Almost 7 weeks" -- apparently I was at least halfway in their book.  Sheesh.

So!  That's about all I've got for this riveting 7 week post.  I'm anxious for Monday so you may get a mid-week post in there too...so exciting, isn't it?!

June 27th, 2016

Ultrasound update!  You know I couldn't wait to share this with you!  First off, I have felt ABSOLUTELY AWFUL these past couple days.  Like waking up extra early because I am soooo nauseous.  Simple functions in the mornings are TOUGH.  I do end up popping a Zofran and then feel better around noonish, but until that kicks in life is ROUGH.  Not my favorite.

This morning was no exception: coupled with the anxiety of my ultrasound, I felt AWFUL.  My ultrasound was at 9am, we got there at 8:52am, and waited over an hour because the machine was having "server issues".  MISERABLE.  I know I was feeling bad because I didn't even look at my phone then, just chugged 2 bottles of water and prayed we'd get back.  Fortunately the machine got fixed and we got in right at 10am.

VOILA!  Hello #3!  Yes, just one (I am relieved!  haha!) measuring big (which is NUTS because Patrick and Rosie didn't start measuring big until week 30) and a strong heartbeat at 155 bpm (which I think Rosie's at 7 weeks was only 109 bpm!).  I go back to my OB this Thursday to talk due dates and all that good stuff, so that's all I've got for now!

I decided to go ahead and send an email to my principal giving him a heads up that come early February I'll be peacing out for a bit...so hoping he takes that positively and responds well!  I'm sure he will...he was so excited when I told him I was expecting Rosie!

Okay!  That's it until week 8!

June 28th, 2016

Soooooo...I'm actually writing this post (and took ^^^ that pic) at officially 8w2d on June 30th -- are you confused yet?!!  So I went and had my follow-up appointment to my ultrasound on Monday with my OB today and she bumped my due date up almost a week!  So, it's official: my due date is Tuesday, February 7th, 2017...which means my new week starts on Tuesdays!

It is kinda nice that I bypassed the end of week 7 and the beginning of week 8...but I'm still feeling oh-so-awful.  Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday this past week were the worst I've ever felt -- literally 'kill me now' feelings, but fortunately it hasn't been that bad again.  My doc thinks that was hopefully the peak of my nausea and she is hoping as I get closer into week 9 that it starts to fade.  I sure hope so...I'm still feeling like crap (I've actually lost 10 pounds since I found out!) and nauseous but nothing like it was earlier this week.  Fingers crossed that doesn't come back.

So last night I snapped ^^^ this pic and holy baby bump!  I mean, I snapped it right after I ate so it could be partially a food baby, but dangggggg.  The bump is showing.  When I snapped my weekly pic (which I am just doing ONE version now, I finally decided on the food one) I don't think it was as big as last night's but it's definitely popped out a bit since.  Oy vey.  I'm sure I'll be in full blown maternity clothes really soon, but YOLO.  I'm embracing it.

Here's a fun little ultrasound comparison of Patrick, Rosie, and #3 all around 7 weeks.  Oh so different, aren't they?!  Anyways, that's about all I've got for 8 weeks!  I'll be back in just a few days on Tuesday for 9 weeks...dangggg, this is flying by already -- I swear we just found out and BAM!  Already almost 9 weeks along!

July 5th, 2016

NINE WEEKS!  Woot!  One more until we're in double digits!  Having almost a week shaved off since my OB moved up my due date has really made this go faster -- I cannot believe it's July 5th and we're already 9 weeks in!

This week has been another roller coaster -- ups and downs with how I'm feeling.  Some days I wake up feeling pretty good and don't need to pop a nausea pill, and then BAM!  It hits me an hour or two later and I'm in a ball on my bed hoping it passes soon.  BUT!  I will say that the past couple days I have overall felt better than I have in the past 6+ weeks, so yay for that.  My OB said morning sickness usually peaks between 7-9 weeks, so I'm hoping I am in the downhill slide.

You've probably already seen this by now, but whatevs...I'm sharing it again because this past weekend we whipped up our announcement (Mike is 3 for 3 in coming up with original and creative announcements) and I just had to share it.  So cute, amiright?!  We sure ove our donuts 'round these parts.

Anyways...we leave for our Alaskan cruise on Sunday (!!!) and I'm hoping and praying that the morning sickness starts to subside and sea sickness doesn't take over -- I do have seabands to wear on my wrists AND motion sickness patches but I'm hoping I don't need those.  Fingers crossed it's a relaxing cruise and no sickness for me (or anyone else!)

So that's about it...my 10 week update will be from the seas around Alaska!  I cannot wait!  The kiddos aren't going so this is a real treat for Mike and I -- a kidless vacation!

July 12th, 2016

We are officially at sea and this little one is along for the ride!  This past week I have definitely felt better than the past 6, but still not myself.  The nausea waves come and go, and being on a big ship DOES NOT HELP.  It has been awful -- a few days I have literally been in bed for hours because I don't know if it's a combo of sea sick + nausea, but it is relentless.  I don't think pregnant Alex was made for the cruise life.  I will get really hungry, go to eat, and like 4 bites in be sick to my stomach and have to stop.  Um, that sucks and I hope it stops REALLLLLL soon.  I'm hoping when I get back on solid ground on Sunday and next week I'll be 11 weeks this subsides cause I'm totally ready for it to be DONE and the happy excitement of the 2nd trimester sets in.

At 9w1d I found #3's heartbeat on my doppler!  I didn't get a video of it but did at 9w2d ^^^ and I am sooooo excited I found it and can check in on the little bean whenever I want!  The first time it took me like 15 minutes to find it, found it for 10 seconds, then couldn't again.  Since then it usually only takes me a few minutes to find and I can keep it there for a long time.  It's been a great thing to hear -- I even brought my doppler on the trip so Mike could listen too!

That's about all that's going on for week 10.  I totally cheated and took my weekly snap a few days ago (so before 10 weeks!  GASP!  The misleading horror!!) since we are actually at sea and not home with my lovely red background, but oh well.  I really feel like I've popped this past week (which we haven't posted our announcement on FB or anything yet but I feel like it's noticeable in some of my pics!) and I'm sure I'll just continue to get bigger and bigger.  Yee haw.  Can't wait for that!  Haha!

July 19th, 2016

Whew!  11 weeks and back off that awful ship and on solid ground!  Last week was ROUGH with morning sickness coupled with sea sickness, and I don't think I'll be booking a cruise again for myself, pregnant or not, for a LONGGGGG time.  It was miserable.

We got back late Sunday night (not really, like 8pm but it felt later!) and I kept telling Mike, "The boat needs to stop swaying!!" -- even now, almost 3 days after we got home, the room is still spinning and swaying here and there.  And that does not make my body happy.  The morning sickness is still here and was really awful yesterday morning...and I really thought by 11 weeks it'd be long gone but nope, seems to be hanging around for a while longer.  GREAT.

I do feel like all I've "reported on" (read: complained about) for the past 9 weeks is how crappy I've felt, but, gosh, it is the truth.  It's been brutal.  And I'm trying to document this for my future self if/when #4 gets discussed to remember how flippin' sick I was with this one!  You know, in case that changes my mind or anything at all.  I have lost almost TWENTY POUNDS since I found out and that is just crazy to me.  I think I dropped a few pounds last go'round too, and when I stopped nursing Patrick I dropped like 15 pounds instantly, so maybe the nausea coupled with stopping nursing/pumping contributed to my weight loss?!  Who knows.

Here's a lovely bump selfie from one of our formal nights on the cruise.  The bump is totally showing, more so on some days than others.  I think we're gonna have to make our grand announcement on social media soon because there's really no hiding it anymore!  Then maybe some people will go 'ahhhhhh' when they realize that was also a reason I was so sick on the cruise.  I sure they thought I was just a complainy lightweight with motion sickness.  Most definitely not the case!

So!  That's about all I've got for week 11.  I go back to the doc next week for a quick little checkup and heartbeat hear (although, I captured the video below for #3's heartbeat at 10w6d for you!), then in a couple weeks the 2nd (!!!) trimester starts justttttt as I'm about to go back to school.  Yee haw!  I know February is gonna get here before I know it, so I'm really REALLY trying to remind myself to enjoy this pregnancy, no matter how miserable it might be along the way.  Until week 12 friends!

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