Front Yard Snappin' & Pizza Makin'

What a fun little Monday we had!  So Mike is back on evenings (boo) so we will miss him for dinner and bedtimes, but, alas!  We power on and find other things to do to keep us occupied!

Tonight we got invited to our buddies Emma and Oliver's house to play and make homemade pizza...and the kids were in HEAVEN.  Patrick got back earlier this afternoon from another several days at his vacation home, and Ro was sooooo excited to see him and play with him!

The kids had a blast with their buddies AND Patrick loved wearing Emma's dress up heels while Ro liked accessorizing with her headbands.  Fancy, aren't they?!

Patrick and Emma then made pizzas for dinner (I question their sanitary conditions in which they were made...I'm pretty sure Patrick licked every single finger before putting any toppings on) and we all chowed down once they were all cooked.  So good!

We then headed home, and just as we pulled in the driveway I noticed how picture-perfect the sun was and I just HAD to get some snaps of the kids playing in the front yard before we did baths and bedtime.  The lighting was perfect and the kids were wearing adorable striped outfits anyways, so it worked out nicely!

I'm biased!  I know!  But gosh, aren't they just the cutest?!!  I have been really partial to the black and white images I've done lately, and these are no exception.  These are probably some of my most favorite pics I've taken of the kids, probably because they were last minute and candids and I just love love LOVE how they turned out.  The lighting was on point and their giggles were contagious!

I went ahead and posted these on my photog blog and Facebook page too, just cause I felt like I needed to share them!  Haha!  Biased, so biased Alex!

Anyways, trying to savor this last week of pure summer before I go back to work next Monday full time... the students don't come back for a few weeks after that, but I'll be back immersed in my tech world fully.  I know I'm going to miss my kiddos like crazy so it'll make the time in the evenings and weekends that much more special with them!

Happy Monday (evening) friends!  Have a good one!

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