33 weeks.

Seriously guys.  SIX.WEEKS.LEFT.  I cannot believe it!  EEKKKKK!  I do love being pregnant, but I love babies more, so I am getting oh-so-excited to be done with this pregnancy and snuggling a deliciously smelling babe oh-so-soon!  ANDDDDD I'm officially on Christmas Break starting at 10am todayyyyy!! Ya-freaking-hoo!  And I only have 13 school days to go back to in 2017 before #3 comes.  Holy toledo, this really is flying by.

This week I finally felt this kid have the hiccups -- something I definitely remember from the last 2 go'rounds but don't remember exactly when I started to feel them.  So that's exciting.  And as I was looking back at my 33 week post with Rosie I commented about how high she was sitting and how exhausted and out of breath I was...well, same story here.  I've been taking the elevator as much as possible at school because I get SO winded walking up the steps I get light headed and feel like I'm going to pass out.  I also complained in my 33 week post with Rosie about my upper back/lower shoulder pain and that is EXACTLY what I'm having again with #3!  --Which again makes me think this is a girl by how similar this one is sitting to where Rosie was.  I should note that if it is a boy and we have a fourth alllllll of my assumptions are going straight out of the window because everything pointed to girl for this one and it was really a boy!  Haha!  I guess only time will tell if that happens :)

Mike snapped this pic of me last week and I just love it!  Bump and I with 6.5 weeks to go!

I had my 32 week appointment last Wednesday and baby is lookin' good!  My belly was measuring only 5 weeks ahead at 37 weeks, and babe heartrate was 154.  I'm still most definitely thinking girl...and I cannot believe in a short month and a half we'll know if I've been right for the majority of this pregnancy!

These "tree of life" brelfies (breastfeeding selfie) are going around the interwebs right now and I thought I'd jump on board with some similar inutero ones.  Obviously I couldn't pick ONE so here are 4 for ya.  Exciting, isn't it?!

Anddddd I can't end this post without a bump silhouette comparison snap at 32 weeks with Rosie and 32 weeks with #3.  VERY similar but I feel like I'm more out front and bigger with #3!

Not much else is a'happenin' this week.  School is officially out until January 9th (woot!) and I have the majority of my finals graded so it's smooth sailing through the holidays!  We merged the kiddos rooms on Saturday (can you say NESTING!) and it has gone pretty darn well.  Naps are mehhhh, but bedtime has been wonderful.  I think it's just going to take both of them really getting use to the other one being in their sleeping space and everything will be back to normal soon I'm sure.  Or I'm hoping.

Okay!  That's about it!  Until week 34 friends, have a wonderful Christmas and I'll catch you next week!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Oreos with ice cold milk
Overall mood?6 short weeks to go!
Rings on or off?ON! (with room to spare!)
Movement?OODLES of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?VERY faint below belly button? maybe?

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