Christmas 2016

Ahhhh, where to begin?!!  I'll begin a smidgen before Christmas to recap a bit of last week since it's riveting and I don't want to leave any gaps in the Mooney life blogging hole for you (excited, aren't you?!)

Patrick got his hair cut last week and these were the model poses he struck for me when I was trying to just get one cute smiling picture of him.  Gosh, isn't he such a ham?!!

He then wanted to take a picture "hugging the baby" before heading to KiKi's lake for the rest of the week while Ro and I fended for ourselves since Mike was working SO MUCH.  Gosh, he melts my mama heart!

He had an absolute BLAST at KiKi's lake -- getting to go caroling and seeing his buddies and everything.  He came back around lunchtime on Christmas Eve and was just so excited to tell us all about his past couple of days!

Meanwhile, while he was at the lake Rosie and I had a lot of girl time since Mike (who was suppose to be on vacation but worked the entire time, including an 18+ hour shift!) worked A LOT.

We went to lunch with friends and played and Ro was killin' it in the fashion game this week too with her hamburger outfit AND cat shoes she picked out herself.  You do you, Rosie girl.

On Friday night Patrick was still at the lake and Ro went to the Mooneys so Mike and I had a rare night out!  We first went to dinner with all of my dad's extended family and then hit up my aunt Monica's ugly sweater party, which our outfits were about as "ugly sweater" as we could come up with.  Hey!  We tried!  It was a great night out though and a nice kidfree treat before the Christmas madness started.

Before Patrick got home from the lake Christmas Eve morning my brother surprised us with giving us his 55" TV that they couldn't take with them when they moved to Boston next week!  Um, I was freaking excited!  It was like 10" bigger than our current TV and NEWER!  So we moved our old setup into the basement and set the new (to us!) TV up in the family room!  Patrick immediately noticed it and loved it when he got home.

I then got to baking -- appetizers for Christmas Eve dinner, casserole for breakfast tomorrow, and cheesy potatoes for Christmas brunch.  Mike got the kids down (and fell asleep himself) and they both must've been SUPER tired cause...

^^ ...that NEVER happens!  But yay for siestas so they'll be all rested up for the festivities on Christmas Eve, right?!

I should mention here, just for timehop references, that Rosie decided to yank her pants off, try and get her diaper off, and wanted to sit on the potty today!  OMG!!  This is wayyyyy earlier than Patrick ever showed any interest and although she didn't do anything, the fact that she wanted to sit was HUGE.  So stay tuned for any potty training updates that may or may not be coming soon :)

So!  Once the kiddos got up from their naps we got them dressed in their adorable outfits, snapped a few pics, and then headed over to the Mooneys for Christmas Eve dinner which was AWESOME and was just appetizers this year!

The kids weren't having pics before we left, sooooo, these are the best we got.  Oh well.  Memories regardless, right?!  RIGHT.

We had a blast on Christmas Eve.  We ate a TON of yummy appetizers and the kids ran around like crazy!  We got some snaps in -- another snap of Rosie with her Kathleen namesakes, and then the annual fighting over the grandkid by the grandparents pics.

We then headed home for baths and stories before heading to bed.  Patrick was SO TIRED he was being a drama llama and not wanting to cooperate and go to bed, butttttt, mom and dad always win and he was fast asleep by 9pm so Santa could come.

Santa came early once again to the Mooney abode.  He's so good about that :)

I was wide awake by 7am Christmas morning cause I thought for sure the kids would be but shockingly they slept until almost 9 (!!! whatttt?!!) and then when they got up they tore into the presents!

The kids totally CLEANED UP!  They got some great stuff: chefs hats and aprons, big bro/sis shirts, a digital camera for Patrick, a baby bed, stroller, and new baby for Rosie, new books, a code-a-pillar for Patrick, new picnic table, tunnel, Mickey couch, and bath bombs for both of them to share, and much much more!  I think both kids were just overwhelmed with all of their new toys and what not that they were a bit whiny after breakfast because there were literally TOO MANY TOYS for them to play with!  Haha!

Mike and I did well too -- Mike got a new fitbit, some new shirts, and a family membership to our local workout/indoor swim facility!  I got some stacking name rings I've been wanting, Patrick got me some gel pens (cause whenever he sees a commercial for them he tells me I need them!), some of my favorite smelling candles, and a "milk maid" shirt Mike found for me online.

Once we got everything cleaned up we headed to my aunt and uncle's for Christmas brunch with my mom's side of the family.

Brunch was a lot of fun -- the kids had a blast playing with their cousin Cole and I enjoyed sitting for a while before we had to head back home after eating so the kiddos could take naps.

While the kids were napping I looked at the pics Patrick has taken on his new camera and OMG.  They are SO FUNNY.  I had to share a few here with you...

SO FUNNY to see the world from his snappin' perspective.  I'm sure there'll be oodles of more "Through Patrick's Lens" posts in the future.  Stay tuned :)

Anyways, once the kids got up from their siestas we got them dressed again in their cute little Christmas outfits (not before snapping a pic of Patrick babywearing sans pants!) and headed to Mike's parents for Christmas night dinner and present openings.  I was rallying myself at this point cause my poor back was aching and my ribs felt like they were literally cracking as soon as I sat down.

The kids had a blast with their cousin Lizzy and aunts and uncles.  Gosh, they sure are spoiled over there!  What was great was both kids were a wittle grumpy and whiney before we got there but by the time we left they were SO MUCH BETTER -- guess they just needed some family time!

The kids racked in the gifts AGAIN.  Those aunts and uncles and grandparents of theirs definitely spoil them!  They got some great stuff -- a lot of coloring/art supplies for Patrick, a new doll and stroller for Rosie, and much much more!

Katie and I had to snap a bump pic -- she's 20 weeks with identical twinkies and I'm almost 34 weeks with just one!  So excited for Christmas time next year with all of these babies!

Anyways, once we got home we unloaded all of our stuff, put it away, gave the kiddos baths, and we all crashed!  Fortunately we have nada planned for tomorrow (woot!) so I bet there'll be a lot of toy playin' a'happenin'...and hopefully a lot of couch sitting for me seeing as I have a SUPER busy Tuesday (2 photoshoots, 1 OB appointment, and then friends coming over for dinner!).

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this Christmas 2016 wrap-up...hope you had a wonderful Christmas friends!

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