Something I Thought I'd Never EVER See...

You. guys.  I cannot believe this ^^^.  This is HANDS DOWN something I thought I'd never EVER see.  Mike painting his little girl's nails.  I was literally shocked and had to snap a picture (or 10) and that's when Mike noticed and was like, "No no no you don't have to take a picture!"  Oh hubby, but I DO.  I have to commemorate this momentous event!

Rosie is hands-down a girly girl.  Like WAY MORE than I thought she'd ever be (especially cause I'm most definitely the opposite of that!).  Rosie loves to have her hair done, loves to pick out her bows and shoes and clothes, and is just overall a very fancy and opinionated 20 month old.  Last night Patrick and I were sitting at the table getting his teacher gifts together and Rosie tootled on over and tried coloring her nails with crayons and Mike said, "No Ro, we don't do that to our nails."  Rosie then yanked her socks off and said, "Naillllllssss!" and clearly wanted her nails done.  So I told Mike where her piggy paint was and he grabbed it and then started painting her tootsies and fingers!  She sat so well and let him paint them for it.  It was the CUTEST THING EVER.  Mike has mastered doing her hair (and always reminds me to brush it after her bath otherwise it's super tangly in the morning and hard to get her antenna (which is more like a legit pony tail nowadays) in.  Gosh, I thought I'd never see the day when manly Mike was playing into his girly girl daughter's antics!  Ohhhhh, to see what the future holds for them!

Unrelated, cause I have some photos to dump on you...we went to Chick-fil-A (or as Patrick calls it Chickalay) for dinner earlier this week with the Polans and Santa (and the CFA cow!) were there and Patrick could not get enough of them!  He loved sitting on Santa's lap again and getting a new cow as his lap gift!

Just 2 (biased) pictures of my kids being adorable.  That is all.

I have half days this week because of exams so yesterday after school we broke my mom out of her hip-replacement-recovery-confinement and took her to one of her favorite BBQ joints, Bogarts in Soulard.  This was kinda a bittersweet moment, as my brother Ben and his wife Erin are moving halfway across the country to Boston in like 2 weeks and we probably won't have another family lunch (or heck, family event!) like this for a long while.  Sorry mom to bring that up again -- we're going to miss the a whole lot too.  Especially the kids -- they love their Aunt Erin and Uncle Ben AND their dog Brady SO MUCH.

And lastly I'll leave you with this 12 degrees sunrise snap of Scooter from earlyyyyy this morning because I feel like he gets neglected a lot and needs a little blog lovin' every once in a while, cause this blog is named after him anyways.

Have a good one friends!

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