A Whole Lotta Nada

This long weekend has been a glorious 4-days of nothingness.  Since my last post we've gotten a bit more ice and now a ton of rain (it's currently 52 degrees out) and Mike's been off and we have spent it literally not doing much.  And it's been awesome.

Saturday morning our buddies the Polans came over for some play time (I think we all were going stir crazy from being cooped up all day on Friday) and the kids had a blast (donuts included!) playing with Emma and Oliver!  Mike and I really enjoyed getting to catch up with Ann and Drew, and thanks to our babysitter (i.e. the basement) we were able to do that!

Patrick snapped this of me and Ro (I threw the black and white filter on it) and I just love it so!  I won't be able to toss her like that again for a while after #3 comes, so I'm sacrificing my back now to play with her in the current.

Patrick helped me make cookies (some of them with Oreos on the inside -- THE BEST) and then he and Ro helped us devour them as well!  He even put his little chefs hat and apron on as well when we were cooking!

Mike took these snaps of the ice on Saturday -- aren't they cool?!  I was going to try and get the kids out there with my big camera on Sunday for some cool ice snaps but it turned to rain and some of the ice melted so it was just kinda meh...

...^^ these were the best I got with my iPhone.  Better than nothing, right?!  Maybe we'll get some more legit snow and I can snap some more snowy pics (hopefully with Patrick this time).

We spent the majority of Sunday in our jammies (and we watched The Secret Life of Pets as a family in the morning which was oodles of fun, and shockingly kept most of their attention for the entire movie!) and the kiddos were hamming it up playing on the floor so of course I had to snap a few pics of them hanging out and giggling with me hovering above them.

I found some Crystal Pepsi (#tbt early 1990s) at Walgreens and Mike FLIPPED!  He loved that stuff and was so jazzed to see they've brought it back.

See?!  He really REALLY loves it!  Haha!

At family dinner on Sunday Rick tried to tell the difference between regular Pepsi and Crystal Pepsi and couldn't do it!  I guess it really is "the same", huh?!

Mike and I are off again today (woot!) for MLK day, and we've spent it doing pretty much the same things we've done the past several days: being lazy!  Haha!  I did make a Target run sans kids this morning and that was fun, and then we spent, no joke, like 3 hours moving the balls from the popped ballpit into the new one (read: pool) and cleaning up the disaster of what we call our basement.

We have my cousin and her hubby and kiddo who's Patrick's age coming over for dinner tonight and I feel good now that the basement is clean and ready for them to re-destroy again.  At least the ballpit isn't popped and leaking the 4000+ balls all over the place!

Just a few pics to unload on you...you know, cause I can't resist sharing pics of my kids even if they have no purpose other than showing them off.  Haha!

Well friends, that's about all I've got for this rainy gloomy Sunday...tomorrow I'm 37 weeks (#FULLTERM!!! woot!!) and only have 9 days left of school before #3 comes. I cannot wait! --More on that tomorrow with my weekly post :)  That's all I've got for you today friends...have a great one!

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