Taking Stock

I thought it had been a lot longer since my last Taking Stock post, but, alas, it was only back at the beginning of December...oh well!  You're getting another one today on this Sunday afternoon!  Aren't you excited?!!  I am!  I also needed to dump some pics on you so this post is multi-tasking as that too.  You're welcome.

Making: A list of what I need to pack last minute for my hospital bag.  You know, important things like MY CAMERA, laptop, chargers, etc... I have some stuff already packed (you're not surprised by this, are you?!) but other stuff will have to be a last minute grab because I need it before it's time to go.

Cooking: NADAAAAAA.  We're going over to the Mooneys for dinner for baked potato soup and I'm so excited!  I haven't felt like cooking much lately cause I'm just too uncomfortable to do much at all.  

Drinking: A big ol' bottle of ice water.  I have had a splitting headache all day (tylenol did nada) right behind my ear and back of my head (I think I may have slept funny on it??) and I'm hoping the water knocks it out of me cause no me gusta.

Reading: I have several books downloaded on my nook that I am hoping to start soon-ish so I can read them on maternity leave.  One of them being Before the Fall and another All the Light We Cannot See.  Excited to start them hopefully soon!!

Wanting: THIS.  I know, I know...a new camera AGAIN...but I really want it!  I'm hoping to get it sometime this spring to add another full frame Canon to my camera lineup.   Stay tuned.

Looking: At these snaps I took yesterday and how much I loved doing them (seriously, this girl was a dream baby!) and really hoping I can pull of a great sibling pic like I did with these guys with my own kids in a month or so whenever #3 comes.  Fingers crossed.

Playing: This sounds so childish, but I cannot stop playing the Moana Soundtrack ever since we took the kiddos to see it last week.  It is SO GOOD!  Seriously, go see the movie then buy the soundtrack whenever you get a chance.  You won't regret it.

Wishing: I continue to feel THIS GOOD (aka willing to carry a 33lb kid on my back) throughout the rest of my pregnancy and hopefully a nice and easy (and speedy!) c-section recovery.  A girl can dream, can't she?!!

Enjoying: The family time we had last week with my mom's side celebrating my grandpa's would have been 88th birthday.  It was such a fun night getting to catch up with my cousins and aunts and uncles and both kids had a blast playing with them too!  As I get older and older the more I love spending times like these with my family.

Loving: All of the time I have had off for Christmas vacation (back to work tomorrow.  For 13 days and then #3 comes!!) and spending it with my burritos!  We've had so much fun going to the pool, hanging out at home, playing with new (and old!) toys, and everything in between.  It has made for a wonderful beak!

Pondering: What the heck life is gonna be like in a few weeks with THREE kids.  Duh, it'll be way busier.  But I literally cannot wait to see both Patrick and Rosie with their new sibling and how much they are going to love on him/her.  Yes, there'll be crazy chaotic days, but I'm trying to savor the good and not dwell on the chaos.

Considering: How Scooter is gonna react to ANOTHER baby in the house.  Hopefully just like the last 2: he.won't.care.  He is older now and hopefully he won't mind a new little human rocking his world (once again!) very soon.

Watching: Flip or Flop marathon on HGTV.  This has become one of my most favorite shows (I am a sucker for home improvement shows lately!) and I get excited whenever it's on!  I've seen every episode but don't mind watching them again over and over.  Oh what I'd love to do with an unlimited budget and time to flip our house!  Haha!

Needing: To just get a few more things settled/organized before we are completely ready for #3!  We need to reconfigure the car/carseasts, bring the pack and play up for our room, and pack #3's baby bag, but then that's it!  Gahhh!  So close! 

Wearing: My brand spankin' new oh so soft donut robe Mike got me!  I love it so and it's sooooo warm and comfy I just may never take it off. Ever.

Following: This Sktchy app that I downloaded and forgot about and then got an email notification that one of my pics had been "Sktched" and BAM.  How awesome and cute is that pic?!  I love it so!

Noticing: How lucky my kiddos are to have such great family surrounding them.  Ro and I (along with my dad) paid my grandma Goose a visit this morning and Rosie loved riding on her chair and giggling with her...and then as I type this Patrick is livin' the life at his vacation home with his great Aunt Kate at her lake this weekend.  So blessed and so lucky are we!

Feeling: Ready ready READY to have this kid!  Although I DO NOT want to go early.  I mean, if this kid decides to come earlier than their 1/31 eviction date, that's fine, but I sure am not willing for it to happen!  I'm ready but also willing to wait until their eviction date :)

Admiring: How dashing Scoots looks at almost 12 (or heck, could be as old as 14 or 15!) years old.  This dog drives us nuts sometimes (read: peeing/pooping inside gets SO OLD) but we love him so and this summer I'll have had him for 10 years.  DANG.  What an awesome dog he is.

Sorting: All of the extra parts and such that I got with my new breast pump!  I have them in a bag that has all of the stuff I need to run through the dishwasher and/or hand wash before #3 comes, and holy smokes, that's a lot of equipment for #3's food!  But worth it.  So worth it.

Buying: A few pairs of sweatpants (exciting, huh?!!) from Tarjay cause they are having a buy one get one 50% off sale and I need some comfy soft-waisted relaxing pants for post #3.  Since Ro and Patrick were both born in warmer weather, I wore shorts or capri pants and didn't have many actual pants...so now I get some!

Getting: A wittle nervous about having 3 under 3 (for a few months at least!) and how both kids are going to react to having a new one (especially Rosie) in the house.  Fingers and toes crossed everything goes well!!

Bookmarking: A few recipes on my "Save These Recipes" FB page that I may want to tackle post baby.  I'm all about easy and tasty recipes, and I've seem to have found several that fit my criteria.

Disliking: That I have to go back to work tomorrow.  It's always so hard after a long break to get back in the swing of things!  But hopefully I can manage do to that quickly cause I do have a ton of stuff I need to wrap up at school before I depart on maternity leave.

Feeling: The wrath of this headache!  Gah!  I wish it'd go away.  I really think it's from sleeping wrong on it -- I've drank 2 bottles of water since sitting down to start this post and it hasn't made a difference.  Gahhhh.  Maybe I need a snack...

Snacking: On Oreos and ice cold milk.  This has been my current craving snack for several weeks now and I just cannot get enough of them!  I'll worry about cutting out that sweet snack, um, later.  Haha.

Coveting: Time with Rosie and Patrick before #3 comes.  Even though Patrick is gone and I miss him oh-so-much, it was nice to have some girl time with Rosie today.  And then she's spending the night on Tuesday at my mom's so it'll be nice to have some one-on-one time with Patrick then too!

Hearing: The rumblings of Mike waking up for the day...which means we can catch up on the list of things (no joke) I keep while he's sleeping that I need to talk to him about when he gets up for the day.  With that, I'm out!  Have a great rest of your Sunday and week friends!

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