Ball Pit Fun

Another fun-filled day around the Mooney casa, let me tell ya!  So the forecast had it raining all day long.  Guess what it didn't do?! RAIN! But it was gloomy and kinda chilly so we hung out inside -- the kids were actually little gems this morning while Mike slept and I was able to get some housekeeping stuff done (read: clean the 3 freezers, fridge, and pantry out for old/expired food, get the dishes and laundry done, and grade my students' projects that were due on Friday. woot!).

We did play down in the basement for a bit (Patrick and Ro's favorite!) and I decided to grab my brand spankin' new camera and snap some ball pit fun pics of the burritos.

Our lighting sucks in our basement, but I was really happy with how these snaps turned out with new camera despite the less than adequate lighting.  I didn't bring my speedlite with me because I wanted to see how this bad boy did with the low light -- and it sure didn't disappoint!  I really REALLY love this new camera and can't wait to see all that I'm going to snap with it in 2017.

Patrick ventured off to his vacation home for the night but before he left he and Ro had lunch, and today for both breakfast and lunch they've boycotted sitting at their little table and wanting to sit at the big table instead!  Gahhhh!  Why do they grow up so fast?!

After I made a mad-dash to the grocery store during nap time, before Rosie got up Mike and I reconfigured the car with THREE carseats...we are officially ready for #'3's arrival (and can safely transport him/her along with his/her older brother and sister in one car! WOOT!)...which I cannot believe is in 9 days.  OMG.

We then went to our Sunday night dinner spot at the Mooneys and all of the Mooney gals decided to wear our matching leggings!  How fun is that?!  Now the Pepin gals and Mooney gals all have matching leggings!  SO MUCH FUN.

So that's about all I've got for this Sunday -- we have a busy week this week (which I'm glad -- keep us busy otherwise I'll spend it thinking about #3's arrival and all of these things!!) with hosting my mom's 61st birthday dinner, a girls' pedi dinner date for me, dinner at a friend's house, a couple photo shoots for me, and then BAM.  The 31st will be here before we know it! EEKKKK!

Anyways, that's all I've got -- have a great week friends!

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