Patrick Tales | 09

Ahhhh, yes friends, it's time for another installment of Patrick Tales!  Aren't you excited?!  I thought I had recently done a Patrick Tales post, like back in December, but, alas, my last one was over 3 months ago so I felt like my arsenal of Patrick notes in my phone was well-warranted to publish a blog post now for you.

So!  Without further adieu, here are some recent Patrickisms that I'm sure I'm the only one over here laughing at.

P: I think when you eat food it goes into your belly and the baby eats the crumbs.
Me: yep buddy that's exactly how that works.

P: look at all this crap! (Pointing to the remnants Crestwood Mall)
Me: What did you say?!!
P: Crap. There's so much of it over there!
Me: 😳

P: {grabbing peanut jar off counter} want some of my nuts anyone?

In the car just after we've parked...
P: Get me out mommy!
Me: just a sec buddy.
P: Mommy get me out now!!!
Me: Dude! Take a chill pill! I'm coming!
P: You take a chill pill and get me out!

Ray: Patrick you want a knuckle sandwich?!
P: yes I like knuckle sandwiches. can I have cheese on mine?

Me: Patrick, do you want to help me pick out some gifts for your teachers?
P: No!
Me: Why not?! Don't you want to give them a little something for being such good teachers to you?
P: No. Santa will bring them gifts so I don't have to.

P: Daddyyyyy! come in here!
Mike goes into Patrick’s room, sees Scooter chewed up a used Pull-Up...
P: Daddy we need to clean this shit up.
Mike: what did you say?!!
Mike: 😳

P: I need to go to the doctor tomorrow.
Me: why buddy?
P: cause my hip is making noise. I ate too much. The doctor needs to give me a new hip like NeeNee.

P: I wonder who makes it rain?
Me: Well buddy, who do you think makes it rain?
P: Probably the weather.

P: Daddy!  You’re suppose to slow down at yellow lights!
M: No buddy, it’s okay… {goes on to explain what flashing yellow lights mean}
P: No daddy, mommy says you ALWAYS slow down at yellow lights.

Seriously, this almost 4 year old is down-right hysterical.  The stuff he comes up with and is able to do unbeknownst to me blows my mind!  Love this little dude and who he's becoming!  Can't wait to see who he is and what he's saying a few months from now :)

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