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Since we're in the oh-so-close single days countdown to #3's arrival, I've been trying to keep my mind busy and occupied!  Ha, easier said than done, right?!

I waved my white flag two days early and decided to call yesterday my last day at work -- my back and ribs were just killing me too much that I thought I'd spend the next couple days relaxing and on the couch as much as possible and try NOT to over exert myself.  Ha.  TRY is the keyword there friends.

I thought to help keep myself occupied (and on the couch!) I'd do a little random this and that tid bit post about the past several know, to keep myself busy :)

Just had to toss in a pic of my Canon fleet of full frame cameras.  Gosh I love them so!  I have ONE last photoshoot this weekend before #3 comes, and I'm excited to use my new camera for that and then unload it a ton on #3 in his/her pics oh-so-soon!!  My brother will be breaking it in as well on Tuesday snapping my c-section as well.  That'll be a whole 'nother post in itself -- PG rated, I promise :)

Tuesday was my mom's 61st birthday (last year we threw her a huge surprise 60th birthday fiesta) and we kept it low-key with having family over to our house for tacos and homemade cupcakes and cookies.  Patrick wore his taco Tuesday shirt (appropriate, since her birthday was on Tuesday as well) all day too to celebrate.

Patrick donned his chef's hat and apron to help me make the cupcakes -- he did almost everything to make them!  I love how much of a helper he is.

We had a great time at my mom's party and it was so great to have our family over to our house (Patrick loved playing with his cousin Landon!) and got to have a bit of chill social time with the adults too while the kiddos played.

Patrick lately has become OBSESSED with Transformers.  He got a few for Christmas, and has recently discovered Netflix on his iPad and found some cartoon Transformer videos on there as well.  He really loves playing with them and I love his little imagination with hearing what he says with his play.  He *may* be getting a new Transformer as a gift from his new little brother or sister on Tuesday too...shhhh! Don't tell him :)

My friend Sarah and sister in law Katie had a girls pedi-dinner night last night and it was SO fun to get to chit chat with them and relax -- cause all of us are expecting kiddos soon!  Sarah most likely next week will welcome her second little lady, I'll welcome #3 on Tuesday, and Katie will meet her twin boys in April!  EEKKKK! So many babies!

I'm seriously obsessed with these hoodie jumpers from June & January and am SO GLAD they have them in Ro's size now!  She may have a few and wears them ALL of the time.  And #3 has some too so I cannot wait for them to be matchy matchers SOON!

This kiddo hit it big time -- he made the cover of our parks and rec department's summer event catalog!  How sweet is that?!  And his shirt he's sportin' in the top pic is from Mitz Accessories -- along with June & January they're my favorite kiddo clothes!

Okay!  That's about all I've got for this all over post.  Here's a cute little snap of Rosie clutching (and she wouldn't let them our entire trip) some lovely lady items on our recent Tarjay trip.  Hehehe!

Have a great one friends!

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