Cesarean Awareness Month

It is no secret I love snapping births, and what I’ve found in the countless births I’ve photographed, no two are the same. The desired outcome is always the same: have a baby...but sometimes the path to get there is one that wasn’t planned. My first birth went this way: overdue baby, induction, 2 hours of pushing, c-section after 12 hours of labor just 20 seconds before midnight (you’re welcome for that day “earlier” birthday Patrick. You’ll thank me when you’re 21.)

April is Cesarean Awareness Month and I am wearing my three-time scar nice and proud. Birth is incredible and magical and wonderful and empowering. C-section mamas are warriors; undergoing massive abdominal surgery and then instantly having to figure out how to manage recovery and caring for a tiny newborn. Whatever the reason may be that a c-section was done, the end goal is always the same: healthy mama, healthy baby. My 3 c-sections have kept me healthy and brought me 3 freaking amazing kiddos, and I could not be more proud to wear those scars to show it. I’m empowered by my births and the stories each of them tell.

My wonderful hubby snapped these pics of Annie and I to celebrate this month and I love them SO MUCH.  What a story they tell, but mostly, they are SO EMPOWERING to me to look back at.  I'll cherish these forever!

To my fellow c-section mamas: solidarity.  You are so incredible and amazing and strong and brave and I hope you feel empowered as I do rockin' your scar!

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