Patrick's 5th Birthday Party

Oh what a fun birthday party our favorite Indiana Jones loving guy had today!

This kid is Indiana Jones obsessed so it was a no-brainer that we'd have an Indiana Jones birthday party!  And by that I mean I got him an Indiana Jones cake.  That's about it for the 'theme'. Ha

Truly, it was one of my favorite birthday parties to date.  We rented out one of our favorite local park pavilions and invited our family and a few friends and BAM!  Birthday party!  It was so chill and low-key and just PERFECT -- this is what I want all birthday parties to be!  Plus, my house didn't get destroyed and it wore the kids out so YES totally worth that $50 rental fee cause we so will be doing this again. 

This was such a fun party -- the kids got to play, I snapped a few pics, we did dinner (pizza! so easy!), cake and presents, and BOOM!  A successful party!

I took so many pics.  I'm trying to share just the highlights with you :)

So Patrick absolutely LOVED his Indiana Jones cake. Like SO MUCH.  And so did I!  I love that he loves Indiana Jones SO MUCH and cannot wait for him to see his presents we got him (hint hint: Indiana Jones themed!) on his birthday on Wednesday!

Patrick had such a blast with his friends for his party -- so many buddies came out and it was just the greatest time EVER.

I'm sure there were some kids missing here but yes, lots of little friends!

He got some great presents -- an Alexa (Echo Dot) and Chicken Butt shirt from KiKi, Voltron toys from Lizzy, new shirts, nerf and squirt guns, legos, outdoor toys, and SO MUCH MORE!

He really has the best friends and family EVER!

Oh what a wonderful birthday this kid had -- and it's not even May 2nd yet!  I cannot wait to celebrate #5 with him in a few days and see what this year has in store for him!  He is my favorite biggest dude and I just have loved watching him grow up and learn new things each and every day.  Oh Patrick, what a cool, amazing, sweet, kind guy you are!  Keep doing you buddy, you're going places!

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