Some Rockin' Rice

I have discovered a new love and it's in the form of food.

Rosie echoes my sentiments -- this VeeTee rice is ahhhhhhmazing.

We absolutely love rice around here -- if you check out any of my recipes I've posted about before there are no shortage of dishes that include rice.  We usually use the rice cooker to make rice...but, not gonna lie, it takes for freaking ever.  But it's so good because it doesn't taste like instant rice either, so I deal with the 20+ minutes it takes to make a cup of white rice.

So I came across this rice (specifically this flavor) and oh my gosh YESSSS!! Instant-fast rice dish that tastes JUST like my rice cooker rice in 2 minutes!  I admit, I was skeptical at first, cause other instant rices seem to get mushy and icky in the microwave.  Not VeeTee rice.  This stuff is LEGIT.  It is so freaking fast and easy to make AND (best part!!) it tastes amazing.  Truly.

What's so awesome is that I can whip up a substantial dinner, like you see above, in less than 10 minutes.  We had air fried chicken, rice, cheese, and fruit (and salad for us adults) and start to finish it took me 10 minutes to make all of that!  I really love this rice SO MUCH.  It is the perfect side dish for all of our favorite Mooney meals (which mostly involve chicken, haha!) and usually two of the almost 10oz containers are plenty for our family of 5 for dinner.  And all of the rices are vegetarian and most are gluten free, for all of my dietary restriction buddies out there.  PLUS, you can stockpile this stuff and it's good on your pantry shelf for up to 12 months!!  WOOT!

Also, they have a TON of different flavor options (I'm so boring I just like the plain one! But Mike loves the fun flavored ones :) and you can mix-and-match flavors too to create your own six pack!  Best place to buy is through their website online and your rice gets delivered directly to your door.

Go order yourself some and let me know what you think!  Seriously, I am the biggest rice lover and this stuff takes the cake.  You won't be disappointed!  Promise!!

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