Guys, it is FINALLY FINALLY shorts weather!  Nevermind it's almost mid-April...but yes, the kids wore SHORTS TO SCHOOL today and clearly we all were so excited about it.

It actually is suppose to be cold again Sunday (but I think JUST Sunday then back warm again!) and I had a shoot scheduled for 9am and we decided to do lit last night during that golden hour when it was 70 and sunny rather than 38 and cloudy Sunday morning!  I am SO GLAD we decided to do it early cause I am swooning over the snaps we got!

Anyways, this morning when I told Patrick and Rosie they could wear shorts to school they got SO EXCITED and asked if we could do a few 'short' pics and who am I to deny them pictures??!?!

I know I'm biased but they are pretty doggone cute, aren't they?!?!  Annie was still snoozing otherwise she'd have joined them.  Gosh I just love how much they love each other and how playful they are!

Anyways, just a few morning golden hour snaps to share with you today!  Seriously, this weather puts me in such a good mood I could just scream!  Anyways, lots of good ahead to look forward to

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