Easter 2018

Oh what a fun little Easter we had with our favorite little bunnies!

This ^^^ was totally taken yesterday...but dang it I'm using it in my Easter post cause it's adorable.

I had TWELVE mini sessions yesterday (see here!) and shockingly even with the craptastic weather we had (it rained literally 6 hours straight in between my mini time slots!) we were able to get them all in! I AM SO HAPPY.  We had 12 awesome sessions and I am just loving how each and every one turned out!  I stayed up well past 1am getting them all edited so I could send over a little Easter gifty to my fave clients and have their pics to them by Easter morning!

Saturday night we did celebrate Mike's birthday..since #39 for him landed on Easter this year!  Oh how we love our favorite big guy oh so much!!

Okie dokie...back to Easter funness.

The kids got up this morning and were so excited to see that the Easter bunny had visited!  Unlike last year, Mike was off (!!!) this weekend so it was so awesome he was up and able to be with us for this holiday.  WOOT!

The kids got some great stuff and the Easter bunny went a little 'light' on the gifting this year and they didn't even seem to notice (woot!!) so I am super thrilled about that.  Trying to get less and less crap accumulating in our house and starting with reducing how much 'just stuff' is brought for gifts. I AM TRYING HERE PEOPLE!

We had a quick little egg hunt for Patrick and Ro, and then the big kids played all morning with their new toys...and tried to get us to let them eat chocolate for breakfast (haha, right.) and before we headed out to my parents for Easter funsies round 1, we decided to snap some family pics since it was kinda overcast and we shockingly had a few minutes to spare before we headed out!  I got my tripod out and let my iPhone remote work magic!

We hardly have any family pics so I am loving these path pics we got this morning!  Everyone was relatively cooperative and I truly LOVE how these turned out!

I got a few snappies of the kiddos too...which I am loving how those turned out too!

Mike then grabbed my camera and got some pics of me and the kiddos too, which I am swooning over! I am hardly ever in the pictures, so when I am I really love getting some pics (especially with the kids!) of me IN THEM!

Of course I had to get some pics of Mike too...since it was his birthday!

Patrick is currently OBSESSED with Indiana Jones...seeing it at Disney World + watching the movies has made him think he's Indy.  And I'm not complaining, I freaking LOVE those movies and love that he's obsessed with them!  He's got a cute little hat that he thinks is like Indy's and wears it all of the time now.

After our little impromptu photo shoot, we decided to pack on up and head over to my mom's house for Easter brunch with my side of the family.

The kids had a blast hunting for eggs in the front yard of my parents' house with their cousin Cole!  We had a wonderful brunch and then shortly after 1:30 we decided to head home for naps all around because the girls were pooped!

After naps, we packed back up and headed over to the Mooneys for Easter round two! 

The kiddos had a blast playing with their couins and aunts and uncles and I'm sure ate their weight in candy while there too! haha! YOLO, right??!!?

We also celebrated Mike at 39 too, so it was a double-duty Easter/birthday celebration today as well!

Did I mention the Easter weather!? Started off chilly but sunny and ended with LOTS OF SLEET.  UGH.  Spring, where the heck are you?!??!

All in all it was an awesome day -- it was so great seeing how excited the kids were to have the Easter bunny come and then all of the fun times they had with their family and cousins.  Man, I sure love holidays and family time SO MUCH!

We all have another day off tomorrow for Easter Monday before we all head back to work/school on Tuesday...got a few special snappin' shoots tomorrow to attend to that I'm oh-so-excited about!  Anyways, that's about all I've got for this little Easter recap...onto the next event: Rosie' THIRD birthday on Friday, her party on Saturday, and then a few weeks later Patrick turns FIVE!  I cannot believe it!  Time, where are you going??!?!

Have a great week my friends!

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