Tuesday Afternoon Jaunts

I'm knocking on wood as I write this, but the sickness from yesterday has vacated the house and HOPEFULLY will not be returning to plague any of us that managed to escape it (or come back for round 2 with the big kids).

Today it got up to FIFTY THREE degrees which felt like 100 after the cold that has wiped over us these past few weeks.

We opened the kitchen window for the first time in FOREVER and ooooohhhhh man, that sun felt SO GOOD!

Obviously I got my camera out and snapped some pics of the girls enjoying the sun too before we had some delish white cheddar grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.

Patrick had a date with KiKi (his standard Tuesday jam) but the girls and I were itching to get outside so after dinner, we headed outside for a walk to the park for some energy burn off-ing and some fresh air.

Obviously, I had my camera with me so duhhhh, had some snap some pics (cause I just got some new film presets and I needed test subjects for them and I am LOOOOOVING them so much!).

Rosie demanded to walk Scoots the entire way there and then pushed Annie on the way back! It took us about 25 minutes to walk the usual 7 minute journey back home. HAHA!

Okay, so it was an AWESOME evening up until the very end...I'll let these videos speak for themselves...

So 7pm hits and my kids are DONE.  Seriously, they don't do well past that time so naturally Rosie lost her shiz when we didn't turn down the path she wanted to walk down and instead walked the SHORT way back home.  She FREAKED.  And did.not.stop. until like 20 minutes after her bath.  LAWD.  The teenage years are going to be fun with this one, I can just tell :)

So, minus that little freak out snafu from Ro, 'twas a great Tuesday afternoon and evening.  Gosh I look forward to many more of these as spring finally rolls into town to stay!

Have a great one friends and happy 100th day of 2018! WOOT!  Over 1/4th of the way done with the year...INSANE!!

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