Back to Reality

Ahhh, back to reality indeed. 

I feel like I did probably an oversharingly good job of documenting our Hawaii trip -- post nearly every day!  And now here we are almost at the end of the week and BAM!  My first post back.  Gosh I have been BUSYYYYY.  And what's funny? ironic? perfect timing? divine interventionly?! I did not get any urgent calls (aka birth mamas going into labor) last week nor any MoBap calls to come up for a loss session, and then not even back 24 hours and BAMMMMM!  Right after my early Tuesday morning newborn sesh, I get a frantic message that birth mama's water breaks a month early!  So off to a birth I went Tuesday night...

And while I was there another birth mama who was due when I was going to be gone next text that she was being induced the next Wednesday night off to another birth I went!

And, side note, I FREAKING LOVE this mama's birth I snapped Wednesday night!  And her nurse is one of my most favorite nurses too and it just was a wonderful WONDERFUL birth I was so glad I was able to capture.

Thursday I planned on grabbing a nap (two very late nights/early mornings the past two nights) and that got thrown for a loop when I had to haul it up to MoBap for a loss who wanted their birth snapped too and I fortunately was able to go and make that.  So 3 births and 1 newborn snapped in less than 36 hours. HOLY CATS.  I am exhausted.  But even with the saddest of sessions too in there, I know I KNOW this is what I'm meant to be doing.  I truly have never ever been happier with my profession than I am right now.

So what else has been going on since we got back?!  You know, with the kiddos?  Well, a whole lot!

Ro was SO EXCITED for me to pick her up from school on Monday.  Definitely a surprise :) We celebrated by hitting up the grocery store. YOLO

They all were SO EXCITED with their Hawaiian gifties we brought back for them!  Who'd have thought they were more excited for clothes and accessories than they would have been for toys?!?!

Seriously, how cute are they?!  Every night since we got home they get home from school and want to put on their "Hawaiian clothes" and play.  Think they're excited for spring or what?!!

I swear Annie girl aged years since we were gone!  And I feel like her speech has just exploded too SO MUCH.  She doesn't stop talking!  Just like her big sis it seems. haha

She's also clearly obsessed with crag rangoon too. Haha!

Patrick loves one on one time with his littlest sissy too...especially before he has to head off to school.

They crack me up!  Glad Annie didn't bite him.  Gosh she's really living up to her Alligator Annie nickname lately.

I think these two really love school, but are really gonna love in a year and a half when they're back at the same school again!  Although Patrick loves walking Rosie into school every morning when he goes with us.

So Rosie has her big dance recital in June and she cannot wait! I need to do a photoshoot preview soon of her outfit.  It is so fabulous and sparkly and SO CUTE.

Annie and I's lunch date got cut a bit short today since I had to haul it to MoBap, but don't you worry I remembered to snap a few pics before we left :)

I had to pick the big kiddos up from school today and book it to the dentist.  Rosie was fortunately in a fabulous mood when I picked her up so had to take advantage of that...

So many giggles!  I just love her sweet little giggly voice!

We then hit up the dentist -- their next appointment in the fall Alligator Annie will be joining them.  I cannot WAIT to see how that goes.  If it was anything like Rosie's first appointment it'll be one for the books.  Stay tuned for that.

Aren't they cute?!?  And no cavities either.  But they may have some now since the dentist loaded them up with popsicles as we exited.  HAHA!

We then came home for a delish air fried chicken dinner by Mike and some bathtime giggles for the girls before our busy busy weekend sets in!

And I say busy busy cause Ro and I leave for Florida a week from Sunday and, get this, here's my current schedule: newborn Friday morning, newborn Saturday morning, 1 year session Saturday afternoon, maternity session Sunday afternoon, 1 year session Sunday afternoon, c-section Monday morning, newborn Tuesday morning, twilight mini Thursday night, MoBap birth photog meeting Friday, mommy and me session Saturday morning, maternity session Saturday night...then leaving bright and early Sunday morning!  And that's if all goes to plan and no more babes decide to come (early at this point!) or I get in any more newborn/Fresh 48 sessions that come up!  Good lordie, I am BUSY!  But SO SO SO good because I LOVE going to work and LOOOOOVE so much what I do.  Are you sick of me saying that yet?!?!  Gosh I wish everyone could have a job they love this much.  Truly a dream.

Okie dokie friends, that's all I've got.  It's almost 9pm and the past 2 nights I've gotten maybeeee 4 hours of sleep so I think I'm off to slumberland.  Have a wonderful Friday and weekend friends!!

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