It's Been Busy.

It really has been super busy this week -- definitely another whirlwind like the beginning of the week to end the week.  But good, so so so good. 

I was actually talking to a friend today about how taking pictures and such has been SO GOOD for me with everything that has happened, and it really is doing big things.  I had a meeting today with my MoBap crew just to checkin and how things are going and what not (cannot believe it's been almost a year since we first met!) and man, it was SO GOOD.  Productive, awesome, and lots of big things to come I think.  I had a shoot then for one of my favorite families and then have a jam-packed Saturday with two shoots before jetting off to Florida with Ro early Sunday morning!!

This past week truly was busy -- but like a good busy?!  I feel like I've been slacking on my blog (sorry) but my photo biz has been keeping me VERY BUSY and I find myself really dedicating more of myself to website updates, getting back to prospective clients super quick, social media, etc... things that took a backburner to grading papers and responding to work emails last semester.  NOT ANYMORE!  And that truly has been the BEST DECISION EVER for me.

Okay!  So let's recap (read: photo dump) a few things from this week...first up, I am OBSESSED with how Annie sits.  OBSESSED!!

Her little sausage feet and hands are just the cutest! 

Ro was then being super photogenic too in her hazy post school lull before dinner.

She's also skirt obsessed lately which makes her look so much older I think.

I did snap this adorable little man's Fresh 48 (after I did his birth on Monday) on Wednesday and GOSH THESE ARE MY FAVORITE SESSIONS!  His was just perfect and I could literally do this alllllll day long!

Isn't he the cutest?! I'm also obsessed with his mama of my most favorite people.

We are working SO HARD with the kids (read: Patrick) from just darting out into parking lots and the street without looking AND waiting for mom/dad to come.  Ugh.  But I caught a rare gem of them waiting and holding hands to walk into the parking lot and maybe our constant nagging is getting through to them.

The cutest.  Seriously.

We had a few warmer days this week (THANK GOODNESS! Spring: we are SO READY for you!!) and got outside to play for a bit.  Man it felt SO GOOD!!

I am soooooo looking forward to sunny, warm spring days SO SOON.  Gives me hope for nice green grass and pretty flowers coming SOON!

So Annie found KiKi's vintage book and it was so cute how she was looking through it the other night.

Which, speaking of, Mike sometimes dozes off at night while we're watching our shows before he's got to go to work and it's freaking HILARIOUS.

I still am laughing over this!!

I had another session at the park on Thursday so the kiddos got to play for a bit...

And then we hit up Chick-Fil-A for a special dinner treat!  Where they got to play more in the playplace.  They had a great time and all crashed so hard and so fast for bedtime (THE BEST).

The kids are obsessed with me taking their pictures in the bathtub...

Annie's side eye game is going SO STRONG still.  I'm so proud.

...they really love when I bust out the camera that 'shoots the picture out' so duh, had to get the polaroid out when they request that!

And truly, that's about all I've got!  We hit up the fish fry again with our buddies tonight and that was a blast.

It's like our Friday in Lent tradition, which I just love that we make a habit of doing nearly every week!!

So that's about all I've got for this short and sweet (so boring! I know. Sorry.  Not leading riveting lives currently 'round these parts!) post.  I'll conclude with some adorable videos of Rosie at dance class this week.  I hopefully will have some nice posts for ya with our Florida and NYC trips coming up soon...I'm sure they'll be riddled with photo overloads per usual.  Have a great weekend friends!!

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