Big Island Adventures {3)

First off, HAPPY MARCH 1st!! A new month of 2019 and hopefully a wonderfully awesome one as I get to spend it in Hawaii, Florida, and New York with some of my most favorite people!!! And I get to meet another internet turned really life bestie IN PERSON too and I cannot freaking WAIT!  Olivia: we're coming for ya!!

Ahhh, another wonderful day in paradise.  This was our last day on the Hilo side -- well, last morning -- before we darted across the Saddle Road to Kona for the last few days of our trip.

We got up and didn't have to check out of our place until 11am so we decided to hit up our favorite beach one more time before we left.

I don't know what it is about this beach but it is just so peaceful and relaxing and just perfect.  I love it so much!

Mike decided to go exploring to see if the turtles were there from where they were yesterday and I read my book.  After maybe 30 minutes I got up and kinda walked his way to make sure he was still over there and saw him waving at me so I waved back and returned to my book.  Welp, next thing I know he's back and sans one flip flop...

Number one: that's totally where Annie gets her side eye from!  Number two: there was a wave that came up over the rocks and literally yanked his flip flop off of his foot and took it back out to sea with him.  RIP.  So he had to walk around the rest of the morning barefoot!  Haha!  Good thing we had bought an extra pair of flip flops when we first got here.

Once we were all packed up at the beach we went back to checkout of our Airbnb (which was amazing by the way...cannot recommend it enough!!) and then hit the road across the saddle to Kona side.

Last time we were here almost 7 years ago this road was like a gravel not super paved road and you couldn't take rental cars across it so when we went to the Kona side it took us 3 hours since we had to drive alllllll the way around.  Welp, not this time!  We made it to the Kona side in under an hour and a half! WOOT!!

We splurged for our last few nights here in Hawaii and are staying at a big resort...something definitely different for us!  But mannnn, is it nice.  As soon as we got in we went exploring and swimming before dinner.

definitely a shark, right?!?!

We have a lovely ocean view from our room ^^^ and we are once again going to be spoiled here for our last few days!

We came back from exploring the resort to get changed for dinner and catch the sunset and OH BOY DID IT NOT DISAPPOINT.  IT WAS JUST GORGEOUS!!  We had to snap a few pre-dinner pics first...

We decided to eat right by where the sun was setting so I got a nice fruity drink and started sipping on that for a bit until I saw the sun was going down and darted over a little ways from where we were eating to snap the sunset...and these might be my most favorite pics of the trip thus far!

I mean, how gorgeous was this sunset?!?!? Just incredible.

WOW.  Just wow.  So amazing!!  Absolutely breathtaking it was.

Anyways, after dinner it was getting late (read: 7pm) and I was beat (which when you wake up at 5am-ish you are tired by 7pm!) so we went back to our room.  We decided to splurge once again and do the luau tonight for dinner (unlimited drinks caught my eye. haha!) so that should be fun!  We are going to head out to a beach somewhere this morning before heading back here for the luau tonight.  I am super excited about that :) We've got today, tomorrow, and Sunday morning and afternoon before we have to head back to reality.  But gosh, it's been such an amazing trip thus for the books indeed!  Aloha friends and happy Friday AND Happy March 1st!!

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