Big Island Adventures {4)

I cannot believe we are nearing the end of our trip...gosh, it has been SUCH A GOOD ONE.

It's Saturday which means we leave TOMORROW.  I cannot believe it!  It has flown by -- but in such a good way.  It's truly been an amazing and such a much needed trip.  Today is our last full day here...then we have tomorrow morning till lunchtime before heading back to Hilo to begin our lengthy journey home.  What a trip it has been!

Also, first off, we left the balcony door open and IN FLEW A BIRD. WTF.  It went out as fast as it came in thankfully...but still...reminder that we'll have to keep the screen closed from now on! HAHA!

Okay!  So back to where I left off Friday morning...I recapped our adventures from Thursday and then we were off to explore on Friday!

We decided to hit up a beach that was a little bit away from our hotel (maybe 25 minutes or so) and then a bit of a hike (maybe another 20 minutes)...but man, WAS IT WORTH IT!  This may be one of my most favorite beaches we've been was just stunning!  I mean, gorgeous deep blue water, white sand beaches, and lots of palm trees. Just heavenly.  And no shortage of beach pics for ya here either :)

Seriously, this beach was just perfection.  So gorgeous!  We decided to stay here for a few hours instead of making the 20+ minute hike over lava rock to another beach.  Well, I decided to stay...Mike ended up going to check it out (he wore better shoes than I did!) and it turns out the beach we were at was still I'm glad we stayed!

We just relaxed and had snacks and I read my book and just chilled.  It was PERFECT.  We also took a few pics and wrote the kiddos names in the sand and just had a wonderful time.

A little past lunch time we decided to make the trek back to our car and hotel and just relax for a bit back there in the pool before our luau that night.

Once we got back we decided to hit up the slide and such in the pool: BEST DECISION EVER.  It was a blast!  I felt like a little kid again and it was AMAZING.  We know our kiddo would have LOVED this too.  And clearly we took advantage of having the GoPro with us for some pool and slide snaps!

On our way back to shower we stumbled across MINGOS!!!  Clearly we had to stop and take some pics and video to send to the girls back home since they are mingo obsessed.  They clearly LOVED seeing their pink friends that we saw.

After we took a couple quick showers we headed off to the luau -- and what a fun time we had!  It was a rare splurge treat for us and I'm so glad we did it...we had a blast and got to sit with some fun people we enjoyed talking to!  'Twas definitely a great evening.

Just after dinner was served the sun was setting before the show began and I decided to go snap some of the sunset...GREAT DECISION.  This sunset was just STUNNING (again!) and it was such a pretty colorful painting in the sky.

Stunning, am I right?!  Just amazing.

The rest of the luau was wonderful...the dancers and fire dancers and just everything was great to watch!  I had a wonderful time and I think Mike did too!  Also unlimited drinks was niceeeee.

The luau got over a little after 8pm and, once again, I WAS BEAT.  We went back to our room and I promptly passed out (I AM SO LAME!!) but again was wide awake by 6am this morning.  Haha! 

We are planning on hitting up another beach for the day today and exploring a bit more on our final day in paradise...I'm sure I'll have a nice little update tomorrow morning before we enjoy our last morning/afternoon in paradise before heading back to chilly STL.  Anyways, happy Saturday friends...hope you're all staying warm and dry!  Aloha from Hawaii...for another day or so at least!!!

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