I almost just typed "What a week!" to start this blog post off then realized IT IS MONDAY.  It hasn't even been a week to have and WOW.  So yeah, what a whirlwind of busyness the past week has been!  Clearly enough to make me think it was the end of the week instead of the beginning! HAHA!

BUT!  as crazy busy as it's been, we are officially on the week countdown of spring break trip fun.  Ro and I leave Sunday and then Patrick and I leave then Thursday for our adventures!  I literally CANNOT WAIT.  It's going to be so much fun! 

Annie and I had fun at Target today stocking up on a few things for our trips.  Gotta remember I'm packing for a kid too so I had to get some new fun plane snacks and coloring book things to keep them occupied.

This morning was actually awesome...

No shortage of selfies for ya!  But I captured my fourth birth in less than six days.  Oh boy oh boy!  Do I loooooove this job SO SO SO MUCH.  Here's a little sneaky peek into the birth from this morning...

Man what an awesome scheduled birth it was!  And I LOOOOOVE this fam so much and I cannot wait to go back for their Fresh 48 on Wednesday!  This was my last scheduled birth (as of right now...last minute ones have been poppin' up lately and those are MY JAM it seems!) until April 22nd so I have a bit of a breather.  Honestly, as long as there are no major births/calls between 3/17 and 3/25 I'll be a happy camper!  I love traveling but boy I also love being there for my clients too.  Thank goodness for amazing backup photogs!!

It was a wonderful 51 degrees and sunny out this evening and we just HAD TO take advantage...we couldn't get out there fast enough after school!

Another taste of spring today and man we are LOVING IT.  Golly I hope this cold weather is on the way out and this weather is here to stay SOOOOON!!!

What else have we been up to?! Gosh, a lot!  I mean, well, I have!  I feel like this past week has been INSANE with pictures: 4 births, 4 newborns, 2 family sessions...and then a bunch of personal stuff like trivia nights and fish fries and lunch dates and OH MY!  But it's good...it's so good.  Because right now we were suppose to be elbow deep in newborn-ness and we're not...so this is just a great distraction.

We had a MOD date on Saturday and it was like everyone was there but my mom (and Mike...and Giselle!) and it was so funny cause all of the employees were like WHERE IS ANN?!?!  They're not use to seeing her minions come dine without her.  That was so funny.

The kids clearly loved it.  And gosh the theme of this post might be "Where did the Mooneys eat this week?!"  Because on Friday we had TWO food dates...one for lunch at IMOS with Uncle Ben...

Clearly they had a blast -- it was International Women's Day so Uncle Ben wins mad props for taking us out for lunch that day! 

Then, Friday night we went to our first fish fry of the season which was a blast.

Rosie and Annie LOVED playing with baby Penny and they asked for a baby on our way home.  Cue the tears.

And how about this gem?!?!

Oh what a difference a year makes!  So cool, huh?!??!  One new baby and one in heaven between 2018 and 2019.  Oh my heart.  Han (sitting next to Annie) and Annie look like they're up to no good, don't they?!?! HEHEHE!!

We then had some fun at uncle Ben and aunt Erin's house with Brady and also in their basement before the box fort comes down this week...the kids BEG to go over there every single day so needless to say I think they've got a current fave relative's house going on.

What a blast they had!  They sure love that dog. so. much.  And Annie sure loves her cup. HAHA! Apparently I need to give that podcast a listen cause everyone raves about it whenever I post a pic of her with it!

It absolutely POURED Saturday morning. SO MUCH RAIN.  Then the sky opened up and it was sunny in the afternoon...so after running a few errands during nap time with Patrick...

I got the fun mom award and let him jump in the puddles in the front yard!

He had an absolute BLAST!  And, I even let him do this in his brand new shirt (realized that afterwards. haha) but all of the mud and water came out no problem in the wash.  PHEW!

Speaking of new shirts, the most amazing mama (who owns this etsy shop) sent these for the kids and I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH THEM!

Gosh aren't they cute!??  The girls LOVE their princess shirts and Patrick just loves his Toy Story one too.  They've gotten lots of compliments already on them!!

Just a little grandma readin' love for ya :)

So Annie is a HOOT.  She does the funniest things and says the cutest things too!  Here are my three favorite videos of her this week...brushing her teeth, telling me where Clark is, and chomping down on Rosie's arm when Ro snatched a toy from her.

My goodness she is a RIOT! 

Oh, she also likes to put things away too. HAHA!

Wow, this post turned into a rambling mess (once again!!) and photo dump.  I mean, what's new?!?!  Kinda my jam so I appreciate you sticking with it.  I'll conclude with a few random snappies of the kiddos I haven't shared...

Have a great week friends!!

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