Big Island Adventures {5)

Saturday was our last full day in paradise and where oh where did this trip go?!?! I swear it has absolutely FLOWN BY!

We head back to STL later this evening...flying out of Hilo to Honolulu at 7pm and then Honolulu to Phoenix at 10:30pm for an overnight flight, and then fly to STL Monday morning and HOPEFULLY, with no flight delays, get back in time to get home and dump our stuff and do school pickup with the big kids.  While we are bummed to be leaving Hawaii (cause I swear we just got here!) we are SO EXCITED to see our kiddos and get back to our home and routine.

Okay!  So our last adventures before heading home...Saturday was a super chill day.  We didn't do much of anything and it was kinda awesome.  We decided to hit up Hapuna Beach and we were there for like four hours!  It was GORGEOUS and also kinda crowded but we didn't care because BEACH LIFE.  I got a good part of my book read and it's just getting into the good part so I'm not wanting to put it down much.

Maybe cause it's nearing the end of our trip or something but I didn't take nearly as many pics today!  It kinda felt good just to relax, read, and DO NOTHING!

We then drove up for a late lunch in Waimea at a Chinese restaurant...

...which started off promising.  The food was good and A LOT and then all of a sudden Mike found a dead cockroach INSIDE his rice and instantly we both were like EFFING GROSS VOMIT GET US OUT OF HERE!! And our appetite was gone.  I made Mike tell the waiter and they comped us our meal (duh, they should have) so we left.

Wanting to get rid of that experience we noticed a malasada truck in the parking lot and high-tailed it over there for some hot fresh Hawaiian donuts.

Redemption!  They were SO TASTY!!  Our hunger returned for these delicious treats and I am SO GLAD we walked over to get them cause YOU ALL KNOW how much I loveeeee donuts!!

We then headed back down to our resort to hang by the pool for a little bit and watch the sunset for the last time (tear!).

Gosh the drives here are just so pretty.  I could take pictures and video of them all day long!  Thank you Mike for putting up with my photoggin' this trip. Haha!

We obviously had to sneak in a few last selfies and palm tree pics too.

The sunset once again did not disappoint.  It was just STUNNING!  Such a perfect last one in paradise for us.  This trip has been just that in so many ways and I feel like this was the perfect view to end our last night in paradise on.

We then got room service for dinner (disappointing. boo hiss) cause we were just too tired from being in the sun for like 8 hours today to go out! Haha!

I will have to say this elevator here irritates the heck out of me.  LOOK AT THE BUTTON ORDER.  My OCD is going nuts!!!  The 5 and 6 SHOULD BE SWITCHED!! COME ON!!!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for our last full day of Hawaiian adventures!  We are just going to hang out (I think???) around the hotel today to swim and relax before heading back to the Hilo side after lunch to grab one last meal at Ken's, one last Walmart run, and return the rental car before flying out to Honolulu.  I may or may not have one final Aloha post later today for you...we'll see what the wifi sitch is the rest of the day :) If not, I'll have one when we are back!  I've got a jam-packed week of pictures and I AM SO EXCITED to see my babies and just get back to our routine!

Oh what a great trip it has been.  Truly.  So needed, SO SO SO needed, and we definitely found a lot of relaxing, reflecting, and I think some healing too.  2018 was a tough one for us but I think we have come out on top, stronger, and ready to tackle whatever 2019 throws at us.  We are IN IT.  And in it in a good, positive way.  Making the best out of what's to come and we are optimistic for a lot of good in the future.

Okay, I could go on and on forever :) That's all I've got for this Sunday morning Aloha post.  What a trip it's been!  Thanks for journeying along with us...hope you've enjoyed my dictations and photo spam :) ALOHA!!

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