Back We Come!

Our last day in paradise...and just a partial day because we were set to head back to STL Sunday evening!

I am actually sitting here blogging this in the Honolulu airport as we wait for our overnight flight back to the mainland...and then one more flight to STL to hopefully get us home before the big kids are out of school.  Fingers crossed for no delays or hiccups!

So Sunday we woke up to an absolutely GORGEOUS sunrise...

Just the perfect last morning view in paradise.  We elected to just hang out by the pool at the hotel for the morning since we had to start getting ready around noon to check out and then drive back to the Hilo side to start our journey home.

We literally sat by the pool for 3.5 hours and did NOTHING.  It was heaven.  I mean, I read my book (SO GOOD. Hoping I finish it!!) and Mike just dozed and sat.  It was truly the perfect morning ending to our trip.

It was just wonderful.  It did start to get a bit hot so we decided to go down the slide and jump in the pool for a bit before we had to get out and go get packed up.

Mike had the GoPro for some lovely videos ^^^ and then I clearly had way too much fun on the slide again.  Felt like a 10 year old!! THE BEST.

Just a blast!  We then swam around for a little bit before calling it a day and going to get packed up.

Our first flight didn't leave until 7pm, so after driving across the Saddle Road again...

...and making a final stop at Walmart for a last-minute gift, we had PLENTYYYYY of time to kill before we needed to head to the airport.  So duh, we decided to hit up Ken's one more time.  Our favorite!

Mike decided to get a Kihauea Sumo Stacker: basically three giant pancakes with bacon, eggs, and ham in between them.

SPOILER: He did not finish it.  HAHA!  How defeated does he look?!?!

We still had a bit of time left so we went to say goodbye (or see you later...cause we will be back!!) to our favorite beach, Richardson Ocean Park.

It was just the perfect ending to our trip.

And just like that, our week adventure in paradise was coming to a close.  We headed to the airport to jet out, and I sit here writing this final recap of our adventures.  Truly, this trip was SO GOOD.  And SO NEEDED in SO SO SO many ways.  Definitely found relaxation, time for reflecting, and I think a little healing happened with it too.  I told Mike we need to do this every year -- not necessarily Hawaii scale and for a week, but just a short little adults only getaway, even just for a night or two locally.  It was SO GOOD for us and just so needed.

I really am looking forward to what 2019 has in store for us, even though it's over 1/6th of the way over.  It has started off on a high note and I just have high hopes that good things are to come the rest of this year...I can feel it.

Anyways, mahalo to all of you for adventuring with us this week! I hope you've enjoyed my mass photo dumps and rambling :) Back to your regularly scheduled boring Alex posts OH SO SOON.  Have a good one friends!! Aloha!!

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