16 Weeks 🌈

16 weeks today!  I've got two more appointments/ultrasounds until my 19 week anatomy scan. I go back this Thursday for an ultrasound and appointment and then in another two weeks at 18 weeks and then just a week later for my anatomy scan.

Even though everything looked awesome at my 14 week appointment, that anxiety is starting to creep in again, just as it does every other week with an approaching appointment.  It's AWFUL.  Even reading back at Clark's 16 week post I know this was right around when my gender guess changed because his heart rate was sky high in the 160s all of a sudden and I hadn't felt any movement and something in my gut just knew something was off.  I think I even text my OB shortly after my appointment seeing if I could bump up my ultrasound and she said I could but I told myself it was no big deal and shrugged it off...and then after week 17 something just didn't feel right and I did end up moving it up...and the rest is history. 

I keep telling myself that this pregnancy FEELS different -- feels VERY much like the girls' did -- and that everything is OKAY and will continue to stay that way.  But man, it's so so so hard with having Clark's pregnancy and all that happened last fall still at the forefront of my mind.  I've been trying really hard to focus on the good and although super sporadic, the teeniest of tiniest little flutters I think I've been feeling and take that as a good sign.

Hearing this little bean's heartbeat whenever I want does help too :) It's so easy to find and usually very quick, as it's always been, and I again remind myself that that means this baby is growing and getting bigger and stronger. 

Let's see...what else this past week besides Alex here stressing out about her upcoming appointment, as per my usual cycle?! Not much...been spending lots of time at the pool and I keep getting asked when THIS SUMMER is this baby due so that's fun.  I mean, it's #5...and yeah, I make BIG BIG BIG babies. haha!

Other than that, not much else!  Been keeping super busy with snapping pics...and I've got two mamas hopefully delivering this week or next so I'm excited to snap their new little ones making their ways into this world!

That's about all I've got for week 16 friends!  I'm sure I'll interject a week 16 ultrasound update later this week cause #cannotresist but until then I'll leave you with a few bump selfies and my weekly feelings and predictions!!  Until week 17 friends, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Baby is the size of...Cupcake
Cravings?Reese's Pieces
Overall mood?pretty darn good as long as I get a nap :)
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?tiny little random flutters
Linea Nigra?Supppppper faint bellow belly button

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