Pool and Haircut and So Much Cheese!

Ahhhh, what a week we've been having around here!

It's kinda been a chill one...I've had a shoot nearly every day but luckily just one so it's felt easy breezy!  The big kids started camp and are LOVING IT and Annie and I have hit up the pool for tot time (seriously.  The best thing ever: one hour of just kids in the morning before the big pool opens! Perfect!) nearly every morning!

Clearly, Annie girl LOVES LOVES LOVES the pool!

This may be one of my favorite things to do this summer -- I LOVE the one-on-one time with her and it totally wears her out before lunch and naps. WIN WIN. HAHA!

Speaking of one-on-one, one morning this week Annie and I hit up Bread Co. for bagels and clearly she knows where it's at: BREAD SLICED ALL THE WAY!

So Rosie just has a few dance classes left before her big recital...she is SO EXCITED for it and I cannot wait for her to experience this too!  Don't worry, will definitely be bringing my big camera and lens :)

One afternoon this week I grabbed my camera for post nap snaps and like Annie was NOT HAVING IT.  AT ALL.  But guess what?! I kept snapping cause #candidmemories.

Sometimes it's really hard being two you guys. HAHA!

We went to the hardware store earlier this week...

...which was a different Tuesday experience from our usual Target trips!  But Annie had a good time :) One impulse purchase we got was a new yard mingo!  We put it under Clark's tree in the front yard and the kids promptly named him Clark.

Annie has to go pet him every time we get home and it's the cutest thing EVER.

So check this out...when I was snapping pics of the girls checking out the new mingo a rainbow appeared!!!! I about fainted...HI CLARK MAN!!

My heart smiled capturing these.  A little smile from above that he's always with us, watching over us.

So this is hilarious...Rosie here...

...has a shopping cart she fills with her trinkets and pushes around.  We call it her homeless cart.  Welp, she was quick to correct us this week: IT'S A SHOPPING TROLLEY!!!  Someone has been watching too much Peppa Pig! HAHAHAHA!

I have watched this like ten times and can't stop laughing at it.  HAHA!

My brother's wonderful girlfriend Giselle came over today to give Annie a fresh haircut and OMG.  She is amazing.  I love her haircut SO MUCH!

Gosh she did such a good job and Annie looks so old! I LOVE IT!!

We celebrated by going to Annie's choice for lunch, IMOS!  Where the girls literally asked for a salad but no lettuce or dressing: they just wanted cheese!  And cheese is what they got!

And a few random snappies and videos from this week too...these kiddos are crazy but loving summer and I am loving watching them enjoy it!!

Alrighty friends...I'll leave you with #5 beating away at 15 weeks...cannot believe we're almost to 16 weeks on Monday! GAH! Going so fast!  Have a great Friday friends!!

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