18 Weeks 🌈

EIGHTEEN WEEKS.  HOLY COW.  We probably have less than 20 weeks to go...and a week from Wednesday is my big anatomy scan...definitely past halfway by then.  I *think* I'll set my c-section date too...CRAZY.  CRAZY!  I see my OB this Thursday and then immediately again next Wednesday after my ultrasound.  I will say I am feeling a lot less anxious right now...but I'm sure that anxiety will creep back up, per usual, as Thursday approaches.  YEE HAW.  I go back to see the high risk guy in about 4 weeks too...so hopefully that'll be another appointment with good news.

So last week definitely changed my 'hard girl' guess and I'm on team boy this week.  I am carrying SO LOW and I have to pee every 5 seconds and yeah, I think it's a little man in there.  Truly, I don't care AT ALL: I just want a healthy baby!

Not really anything else super exciting to report this week, other than I keep teetering between super excited and wanting to order all sorts of new things for this winter babe and not being able to pull the trigger and holding off for fear of it not actually happening.  Last fall is too fresh in my mind (and hell, it probably will ALWAYS BE) that I just am so guarded and so cautious with my excitements.  Gah.  Pregnancy after loss is so hard.

Other than that I've been feeling pretty good, minus having to pee ALL OF THE TIME.  The nausea is pretty much gone (woooooot!) and truly I'm in that second trimester sweet spot where things aren't terribly awful and I'm not too gigantic yet :)

Alrighty friends, that's all I've got!  Have a great one...here's my 18 week predictions and the last 3 kiddos' 18 week updates for ya.  Until week 19, adios!!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Candy Apple
Cravings?Honey Nut Cheerios
Overall mood?EXCITED with a side of anxiety
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?tiny little random flutters
Linea Nigra?Supppppper faint bellow belly button

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