Annie at 3 Years Old

I cannot believe it.  I seriously feel like I just wrote this post and BAM!  Here we are celebrating Annie turning THREE!! AHHH! I cannot believe it!

She has grown up SO MUCH in the past few months it seems -- and I'm sure being a big sister to a brother earth side has a large part to do with that.  But I really cannot believe she's THREE.  I feel like we just were telling people she was here and now here we are THREE YEARS LATER celebrating #3 for her! CRAZY!

Keeping with tradition I drug her outside for a few birthday snaps to celebrate her turning THREE!  Her current obsession is The Wizard of Oz so found it fitting to put her in this outfit for her little three year old photoshoot.

We celebrated her birthday this past Sunday and she had a wonderful time with her aunts and uncles and cousins celebrating her upcoming third birthday!

We don't go for her three year checkup until next week, so here are some mom stats for ya...
  • Annie weighs 32 pounds -- she is our petite little lady!  I think she's right at 36 inches or so tall too...we'll find out at her checkup next week!
  • Annie wears some 2T and mostly 3T clothes (although some 3T are still a bit big for her!) -- she is definitely our little lady!  The first of our kiddos to actually wear the size clothes that matches their age! HAHA!  I'll be curious to see how her growth goes this next year if she stays on the petite side.
  • Girlfriend is a talker!  Her verbal skills are amazing and she is so so so good at communicating exactly what she wants!  Her speech has really blossomed in the past year and some days I think she talks better than her older siblings! HAHA!  She is not shy about letting you know what she wants and how she feels.  
  • At the end of last year Annie potty trained and it's been smooth sailing ever since!  She is so good about going #1 and #2 on the potty and always self-initiates it.  We remind her to go when she gets up in the morning and before nap and bed, but otherwise she's 100% in control when she's gotta go.  She naps in undies but still wears a pull-up overnight as she's wet sometimes in the mornings (which that'll click eventually for no hurry to push nighttime training).
  • Is absolutely obsessed with the Wizard of Oz!  Her 3rd birthday party this past weekend was Wizard of Oz themed and she got oodles of fun Wizard of Oz things!  She watches it over and over on her iPad and always asks to watch it on the big TV before bed.  She looooves it!
  • Aside from the Wizard, she loves Calico Critters, Peppa Pig, princesses, mermaids, playing with her doll house, and all of her other little toys she loves to hoard (much like her big sister Rosie does too!).  Annie loves to play dress up and wear her princess dresses and her dress up high heel shoes anytime she gets the chance!
  • Purple Bunny is her bestie and she cannot sleep (nor go most places!) without him!  He's definitely weathered and worn (and we do have a backup but she knows the difference! ick!) and we've misplaced him a few times but he always turns back up thankfully.  We try to give him a bath as much as possible because Annie does love up on him A LOT. haha!
  • Is an absolute whiz on her iPad!  Loves to watch YouTube kids and her other shows and plays games on it too.  Is a pretty good picture-taker too (with her @snapsbyAnniemooney instagram account too!).
  • Started school in the fall and really likes it!  Some days she cries and says she doesn't want to go, but is always so happy once she gets there and IS IN THERE and is so excited when we pick her up with what a great day she had.  She adores her teacher Miss Alison and loves seeing her as soon as she gets there.  Next year she'll be in the 3s program over at the ECC and going 3 full days a week -- we can't wait for her to enjoy her new school!
  • Started dance in the fall with Rosie and absolutely LOVES it.  It's their favorite night of the week and Annie loves putting on her ballerina outfit and dancing with her friends!
  • Shares a room with Rosie and sleeps on the bottom bunk of their bunk beds.  Most nights it takes them a bit to go to bed because they giggle and talk and play and I'm sure this is just a precursor to how their teenage years will go -- hopefully with lots of laughs and giggles and far less fighting.
  • FINALLY is so good about cooperating for pictures and not screaming and crying that she doesn't want to do them.  That only took me 3 years to get her to do.  Haha!  Is definitely still bribable but I have to resort to bribing her farrrrrr less than I have in the past.
  • Has an iron-clad memory and does not forget ANYTHING.  You promise her a snack when we get home?!  You best remember it...otherwise she'll remind you a million times until you give it to her! 
  • Truly loves to pick out her own clothes and shoes -- and get dressed herself!  A lot of times she puts her stuff on backwards but, I will say, it's wonderful that she actually GETS DRESSED on her own and is so independent with things.
  • Absolutely loves her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents SO SO SO much.  She lights up whenever they come in the room -- or if we meet them out and about for dinner -- and is just so smitten with them!  They are truly her favorite people.
  • She loves to have sleepovers at KiKi's, NeeNee's, and grandma's houses!  She is so good sleeping wherever is needed and just loves the adventures she has when she's out of the house.
  • She has the absolute best side eye and facial expressions EVER!  She cracks me up with her faces and such that she makes and it's such a gem to capture them on camera when they happen too!
  • Has a few nicknames: Annie Banannie, Annie Girl, Ann (she hates when we call her her actual name! haha!) -- but truly, her favorite name to be called is Annie.  
Wow.  Annie girl!  What a joy you are to be around!  We cannot imagine our family without you and your spunky personality.  You make us laugh every single day with the things you say and come up with and we cannot wait to see what this year has in store for you!  Here's to an amazing fourth trip around the sun big girl -- we love you so much!

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